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BOLD CEO’s proven sales process and training program gets you more prospects, more sales, and higher-paying clients fast, so you can take your business to the next level.

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In 2021 we helped over 200 businesses grow revenue more than $38 Million collectively.
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Close deals 50% faster

We'll show you how to create real urgency that will get your prospects and clients moving forward immediately. Shorten your sales cycle by 50% or more.

Our program is designed to get you results immediately. 


Find your ideal prospects quickly

We'll show you modern tactics on how to find your ideal prospects quickly and easily so you and your team can get results in days.

No need for a complex process or expensive software.


Stop negotiating on price. Get paid more.

You'll never again have to negotiate on price and devalue your product or service. We show you how to flip the tables and get prospects excited to pay more while actually negotiating less.


Stop wasting time on proposals or follow ups

Tired of wasting time creating proposals or chasing down prospects who simply don't buy? No need! We'll show you how to simplify the way you sell that actually attracts more business and gets deals done.


Scale your revenue in just weeks

We'll show you how to control of your sales process (whether you have a large sales team or it's just you) so you can have predictable, scalable revenue.

For most, our program delivers a positive ROI in less than 6 weeks. 

Control your sales
"BOLD CEO taught me an entirely new way to sell. It worked, and it grew my business immediately. I closed around $80,000 worth of contracts during the program."
Brian Shepherd
Brian Shepherd
Founder & CEO of BrandX Worldwide
"Since joining the program, we've closed three deals in excess of $6 Million over the next five years."
Jamie McKinney
Jamie (Jae) McKinney
Founder & Chief Product Officer of Infiniqo
"We closed 6 new deals in just the first 4 weeks of the program! It allowed us to take control of the sales process and create more trust with our prospects and clients."
Katie Vanderploeg
Katie Vanderploeg
Founder of Kmotion Design
"We were steps away from closing down a business that has been around for 90 years. BOLD CEO gave us what we needed to save our company and grow."
Greg Scandale
Gregory Scandale
President of Long Life Fleet

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this take a lot of time? Nope. We designed this specifically for busy business owners and sales professionals so we can quickly help you implement this better process & get you growing your business in a matter of weeks.

Is the program expensive? No. While this is only for serious companies with a real service or product already generating consistent revenue, most companies get a positive ROI on their investment in less than 45 days. 

Is this software? No. This is a sales process and training program that will help solve your unique sales and business challenges. Though, we will share our reccomendations.

Can I write this off? Yes! This is 100% tax deductible as a business.

Join hundreds of businesses who are winning more deals and growing.

"Since I started with BOLD CEO, my company has seen a 55% increase in revenue."
– Joseph Panetta, CEO of Left of Center Consulting

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Out of the 31+ million businesses with less than 500 employees, 93% of them struggle to consistently increase sales and growth.
Yup – while it's easier than ever to start a business, it's harder than ever to grow.
Most businesses have two main challenges with growth:
     1. Difficulty creating urgency to get a customer to buy now.
     2. Constantly following up with prospects that ultimately don't buy or take forever.
That's why I created BOLD CEO – to give companies like yours a leg-up.
In the past year alone, we've helped over 300 companies (like yours) to generate nearly $100 million in new sales. I'd love for you to join us.
Bold Ceo
Brian Cristiano
Creator & Founder of BOLD CEO
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