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Grow Your Business to
8-Figures And Beyond

Deal Flow Accelerator

    Dramatically increase your sales.

    Find & close your ideal clients w/o cheesy tactics or ads.

    Shorten your sales cycle to minutes or days

   Stop prospects from disappearing & buy instead

   Increase client retention & easily get paid more

   Get out of the weeds of your business so you can unlock massive growth

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What Is: Deal Flow Accelerator?

Deal Flow Accelerator is a 6-Week Growth Bootcamp For  Businesses Looking To Scale. 

Here is a rare opportunity to learn the proven strategies, tactics & frameworks of billion-dollar organizations that will allow you to increase your sales, scale your organization and transform your business into its ultimate potential.

Instead of...

   Spending countless hours putting together proposals for prospects that don't respond or don't buy...

   Feeling overwhelmed because you never seem to have enough revenue, clients or cashflow...

   Worrying about the state of the economy next month or next year...

   Working harder and spending all your time working in your business without seeing the results you want...

   Setting big goals each year, but ultimately feeling like you settle for less...

Emphasizing action, Brian will show you the Exact Formula that he's used over the past 15 years to close multi-million-dollar deals with companies with companies like PepsiCo, UFC, Ray-Ban, Gillette, Microsoft, DirecTV, NASCAR and hundreds of other large well as how he built and scaled his own companies from zero to over 7 and 8-figures

So You Can...

   Get in front of your ideal prospects predictably and easily...

   Consistently close more sales with better clients, in days instead of months...

   Actually get paid (a lot of money) for your proposals...

   Spend less time in the weeds of your business and stop putting your personal life on hold...

 Feel confident that you're not leaving anything on the table.

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Your Instructor: Brian Cristiano


Helping businesses scale...

Brian Cristiano is a self-made entrepreneur, business strategist to Fortune 500's and Celebrities, CEO coach, keynote speaker, and the founder and CEO of BOLD Worldwide.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Brian has helped transform many prominent brands including; PepsiCo, UFC Gym, Orangetheory Fitness, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, DirecTV, Gillette, and the New York Mets.

Brian is a thought leader and media personality featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Digiday, and AdWeek among many others. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial background, business successes, and unique ability to create impact in a short period of time, Brian is a highly sought-after coach and advisor for business decision-makers looking to reach their full potential.

Brian began his career without any connections or money – just a passion for storytelling and business. At 16-years old, Brian picked up a video camera, taught himself how to film, and produced a skate video which he sold for over $40,000. Today Brian runs the Manhattan-based strategy firm, BOLD Worldwide, coaches some of the most successful names in business, and speaks to audiences on how they can create success personally and in business.

Brian practices what he preaches. He has built his brand through storytelling, hard work, digital marketing and has interviewed some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and celebrities.

And today, Brian focuses on what he enjoys the most – teaching others how to scale their businesses and truly live life to their fullest potential.

”Brian and BOLD have brought a tremendous return on investment for our companies and have given us a lot of innovative ideas on how to expand and tell our story."

Alex Rodriguez

World Series Champion & CEO of AROD Corp


Hundreds of business owners, sales leaders & entrepreneurs have already transformed their businesses with this program.

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What Prior Attendees Are Saying:



“Since joining Deal Flow Accelerator, we've closed three deals total in excess of $6 Million over the next five years.

This program is not only going to provide you with structure and procedures and how to operate your sales cycle, but it's going to help you be a lot more confident in yourself. There is a psychological aspect to business, and you'll see it in week one.

To anyone that's thinking about it, stop thinking about it, pull the trigger, get involved!



Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Infiniqo


The Deal Flow Accelerator is one of the best sales programs that I've ever been a part of.

I was able to close $80,000 worth of contracts during the program because of the way Brian told me to sell. I was able to get my foot in the door with a major utility company that otherwise probably would not be able to get in the door with and also get paid to do an assessment for that same company.”



Founder & CEO of BrandX Worldwide

Brian Shepherd


We were a step away from closing down a business that has been around for 90 years. And I don't think I'm overstating it when I say that the Deal Flow Accelerator gave us what we needed to save our company.

Has the program impacted us? It's changed everything. And I don't know whether it's had a bigger impact on me or on the company, but I would have to say both.

So impact is a light word. It was transformational.



President of Long Life Fleet


We closed 6 new deals in just the first 4 weeks of the program.

The biggest shift is putting more emphasis on what our prospects actually need instead of what they think they need. It has allowed us to take control of the sales process and actually create more trusts with our prospects and clients.

Before the program I lacked confidence in selling. I could do it, but I felt some imposter syndrome. Now I feel confident because I have action steps, I know the potential outcomes, and I know how to play off of those outcomes to grow my business.



Owner of Kmotion Design


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“Before joining Deal Flow Accelerator my business was like me, stuck. We were in a rut and I could never get my head up from the business long enough to see what the change was that I needed to make.

Since I started Deal Flow Accelerator with Brian, my company has seen a 55% increase in revenue.

Brian's training returned my investment, probably six fold in the first six weeks. So if you're thinking about doing it, stop thinking and start doing!”



Founder & CEO of Left of Center Consulting


“A breakthrough moment in the program was to stop giving away your intellectual property for free. I had been doing that for years and years and years and struggling.

Just that little switch dramatically transformed my business in a very short amount of time.

Brian teaches you how to stop being a vendor, leverage your expertise to segway yourself into the heart of the business.

Deal Flow Accelerator is a crash course in how to reinspire your entrepreneurial spirit and grow your sales”



Owner of Ashton Keefe LLC



The program was far better than I ever expected. The amount of content over seven weeks was unreal – from approaching sales, to how to approach clients, building processes, building wedge offers, et cetera.

Right after that first day was proof that joining the Deal Flow Accelerator was the right thing to do. It gave me a lot more clarity on how I could be very successful in the new launch of my business, because I was presented with a lot of the tool sets.

So I don't even know how you could put a price tag on the value it provided because it's going to be paying dividends for a long time.



CEO of Vista Tech Solutions


“After attending Deal Flow Accelerator, the way that I sell has completely changed because I adopted a new philosophy. The most significant win would be the the ability to close multiple stations at once instead of just one station with a particular airline – and we took that straight to the boardroom and executed on it within 48 hours.

You just need to jump and just start and and work with Brian, because quite frankly, there's not a lot of guys out there that truly know what they're doing.



Senior Consultant at USAID Aviation Services



“This program has altered the way that I sell by not being transactional, and instead being consultative. It’s also made me think much bigger, looking at bigger opportunities, securing larger contracts that we would have thought we were too small to go after.

Deal Flow Accelerator is nothing but spectacular. From soup to nuts on strategy, building a sales team and scaling out the business.

Brian is one of the best that I have seen. In terms of value, we made back our investment within the first couple weeks of the program.



Director of Business Development at Reveal Marketing Group


Hundreds of business owners, sales leaders & entrepreneurs have already transformed their businesses with this program.

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