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Featured In:

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Deal Flow Accelerator has helped hundreds of businesses grow revenue more than $112 Million collectively.

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"Since joining the program, we've closed three deals in excess of $6 Million over the next five years.

To anyone thinking about it, stop thinking about it, pull the trigger and get involved."
Jamie McKinney
Jamie McKinney
Founder & Chief Product Officer of Infiniqo

Access the World's Top Sales Strategy & Process

Reach your potential & have the impact you know is possible.

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"I closed around $80,000 worth of contracts in the first 5 weeks.

BOLD CEO taught me an entirely new way to sell inside Deal Flow Accelerator. It worked, and it grew my business immediately."
Brian Shepherd
Brian Shepherd
Founder & CEO of BrandX Worldwide

Use Psychology to Position Your Company in the Top 1%

Pick and choose the clients you want because opportunities will be abundant.

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"Since I joined, my company has seen a 55% increase in revenue.

Brian's training returned my investment six-fold in the first 6 weeks. So, if you're thinking about doing it, stop thinking and start doing!"
Joseph Panetta
Joseph Panetta
Founder & CEO of Left of Center Consulting

Ethically Close Deals 50% - 90% Faster

Unlock profits trapped inside your business & never worry about cash flow again.

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"We closed 6 new deals in just the first 4 weeks of the program!

It allowed us to take control of the sales process and create more trust with our prospects and clients."
Katie Vanderploeg
Katie Vanderploeg
Founder of Kmotion Design

Gain a World-Class Advisor & Support to Grow

Know exactly what you need to do to grow – without having to do it alone.

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"Deal Flow Accelerator dramatically transformed my business in a very short period of time.

Brian teaches you how to stop being a vendor and leverage your expertise. Deal Flow Accelerator is a crash course in how to reinspire your entrepreneurial spirit and grow your sales."
Ashton Keefe
Celebrity Chef & Media Personality
"We were steps away from closing down a business that has been around for 90 years.

Deal Flow Accelerator gave us what we needed to save our company."
Greg Scandale
Gregory Scandale
President of Long Life Fleet

Developed by Brian Cristiano

Brian Cristiano
Brian at the Sales Acceleration Summit

Who is Brian Cristiano?


Brian Cristiano is one of the top business and success strategist in the world, and the creator of BOLD CEO. Brian helps other business owners and entrepreneurs unlock their own path to success in life and business.

As a self-made entrepreneur, Brian has built multiple businesses and has been a top business strategist to Fortune 500's, brand strategist to world-famous celebrities, success coach to founders and CEOs, and a sought after keynote speaker.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Brian has helped transform many prominent brands including; PepsiCo, UFC Gym, Orangetheory Fitness, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, DirecTV, Gillette, and the New York Mets.

Brian is a thought leader and media personality featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and AdWeek among many others. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial background, business successes, and unique ability to create impact in a short period of time, Brian is a highly sought-after coach and advisor for business decision makers looking to reach their full potential.

Brian began his career without any connections or money – just a passion for storytelling and business. At 16-years old, Brian picked up a video camera, taught himself how to film, and produced a skate video which he sold for over $40,000.

Today, Brian encapsulates his experiences, his lessons, and his success into a methodologies and philosophies within BOLD CEO to help thousands of other business owners and entrepreneurs unlock their own path to success.


Who is this for?


This program is for business owners, entrepreneurs & those serious about growth.

When you join the BOLD CEO Accelerator, you'll be joining the ranks of hundreds of business owners who have implemented our strategies, tools & systems to transform their businesses and grow.

This program is for those who know they can achieve more. Those who want to have an impact in business and life.

If you are ready to explode your sales, take your business to the next level, and accelerate your success...

If you're committed, and willing to invest the resources and time necessary to achieve success...

If you know you were put on this planet to achieve more and aren't willing to settle for mediocrity...

And you're ready to turn your potential into growth...