10 10 Minute Business Success Tactics

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Nov 28, 2021

Before you stop reading and say something to yourself like, "10 minutes isn't enough time to achieve any sort of success", we're clapping back by saying... "Yes! 10 minutes can make a world of a difference in your business success!"

The truth is that the seemingly small but consistent efforts that you put into your business are what compound to make the biggest difference.

You don't need to go off jumping through hoops and over mountains to achieve success.  In fact, going that route will only make the path to success harder.

Therefore, the path to success in business is a matter of being consistent with simple, no-nonsense tactics that make a direct, positive impact on you and your business.

To prove it to you, we're sharing 10 business success tactics that each take 10 minutes or less.  Whatever your definition of success is... adding even just one of these tactics to your life will significantly increase your odds of success.

Still not convinced that 10 minutes is enough?  Well, at the end of the day, all you have to lose is 10 minutes by giving them a try!

Success is in your hands with these 10 10 minute tactics.  Don't waste any more using overcomplicated tactics… it’ll only end badly.


What Makes a Business Successful?


Now, here's the big question... How do you measure the success of a business?

The truth is that there is no simple answer.  Every CEO needs to decide for themself what success means to them.

More often than not, success usually equates to a combination of, but isn’t limited to:

  1. Achieving business goals
  2. Making a positive impact on a community
  3. Personal validation

First off, there probably isn't a single CEO out there who doesn't have a vision for where they want their company to be in the future.  To help bring those visions to life, they set goals.  Those goals can be anything from creating a never before seen product or dominating their industry.

Second, most CEOs want more than just to do good.  In addition to doing good, they also want to make a positive impact on their community, the world at large, and even on their family.  Moreover, they don't just want to do good, but they also want to do well for others. 

Finally, most CEOs are highly motivated, hungry people.  In fact, motivation and a desire are essentially qualifying factors for being a CEO!  That being said, most CEOs want to feel a sense of personal success through their success in business.  At the end of the day, they want to feel as if they did their absolute best to achieve the most. 

So at the end of the day, every CEO has to choose for themself what success means.

We can spend all the time in the world browsing articles commenting on the most successful businesses in the world, but it's only a matter of time before a new business comes along and shakes up the totem pole.  Success runs deeper than what most people think!

If you're a CEO who is saying to themself, "I don't really know what success means to me", then deciding what that is is the first step in actually becoming successful.


10 Business Success Tactics That Take 10 Minutes or Less!


To help you achieve business success simply and in less time, we're sharing 10 10 minute tactics that will help you achieve whatever kind of success you're looking for!

It doesn't matter whether your definition of success is moving to being fully e-commerce or even starting a new business, these tactics will certainly help you.

Not only that, but everyone has 10 minutes they can allocate each day, regardless of how busy they claim to be. 

You have no reason to not get started with these tactics today!  At this point, success is only a matter of you choosing to make it happen by putting in the work (the 10 minutes of work that is!).


1. Simplifying Your Business Plan


Straight-up: Business success is never built off of complex business plans.

In fact, complexity is the enemy of success!  That is, at least, unless you consider success as having to jump through hoops and run in circles to get your desired results.

Why is complexity so terrible for success?

Think of it like this: If you believe that complexity is the key to success, then you will create complex business plans that include unnecessarily difficult steps, tactics, and processes.  In the end, the complex plan will only create extra hurdles that stand in between you and your goals!

And the more hurdles that stand in between you and your desired end point, the harder the road to success is going to be!

Therefore, do yourself a MAJOR favor by simplifying your business plan.

Some of the simplest ways you can do that include removing unnecessary steps from your sales cycle and cleaning up your marketing strategy. 

By doing so, you will remove hurdles, so that you're able to get to your final destination sooner and with fewer potential problems.

Don't be like many entrepreneurs who get swooned into believing that complexity is the key to success.  Because the truth is that complexity will only set you back further than where you already are.

In the game of success, having a simple business plan will lead to more growth in less time.


What is business success?


2. Consulting a CEO Coach


Sending the initial email to work with a CEO coach could be the most impactful email you ever write. 

Literally, putting barely any effort into writing that email can make all the difference in your business achieving success. 

What makes working with a CEO coach so valuable?

There are several great benefits associated with working with a CEO coach.  Perhaps the most valuable of them all is that a CEO coach has a totally outsider perspective from your company.  

With that, they are able to identify issues standing in the way of your success, but are hidden outside of your perspective.

These hidden issues are often the reason why so many businesses fail today, because they inevitably cause CEOs to waste precious time and energy trying to identify what's causing their problems.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, 'Why not just have a mentor or colleague give me guidance?'.

Unlike a mentor or colleague, a CEO coach is there first and foremost to help foster the development of your talents.  Their primary goal is to help you become your best self to achieve your goals... not be your friend or tell you what you want to hear!

Also, many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have CEO coaches, including Google's Eric Schmidt and Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few.

The fact that some of the most legendary CEOs running the world's most successful companies take advantage of coaching is a huge testament to the gold mine that is having a CEO coach.

Like we mentioned above, sending an email to a coach could be the 1 minute that changes the entire trajectory of your business.


3. Getting Feedback From Your Current Customers


There is nothing more valuable in business than your customers.  And, not just your customers... but the relationships you have with them.

The truth is that most business owners underestimate the gold mine of business potential that lies in their customer relationships!

What gold mine exactly?

Well, if you want to achieve business success in whatever way that means to you, you're going to need to improve on some level.  And, knowing what exactly needs to be improved upon is often a stumbling block for CEOs.

Instead of stumbling, what they should be doing is turning to their existing customers and asking for feedback on how they can make their business solutions better!

For example, taking 10 minutes to develop a survey or speaking one-on-one with a current customer about their experience can shed light on what needs improvement.

This kind of information can save you a lot of time and energy trying to dig for answers.

In fact, you waste so much time trying to dig for answers, when the truth is that all you needed to do was reach out to your current customers and ask them for feedback!

With that being said, if you've done your job of developing close-knit relationships with your customers, take a few seconds and ask them for feedback.

By doing so, you'll know exactly what you need to do to improve and increase your odds of success!


4. Asking Your New Customers More Questions


Does business success for you mean increasing your sales?  If so, then this one is especially for you!

We can't say it any louder... Asking your potential customers more questions is the single-best way to make more sales!  Not only that, but it's the single-best way to exercise power over the sales process.

What makes asking questions so powerful?

When you ask the right questions, you gather essential information about your prospects.  That information includes their tactical and emotional needs and expectations that need to be fulfilled.

With that information, you know exactly how you can solve their problems in a way that pleases them the most.  As a result, you automatically see an increase in sales!

Information is extremely powerful in business.

When you have all the information you need about what your ideal prospects want, then your potential to close deals is limitless!

With endless sales potential, success is yours.

Therefore, be like other successful businesses by spending less time talking and more time listening to your prospects.

Questions are a humble tactic that will take your success from 0 to 100 in an instant.


Keys to business success


5. Investing In Education & Empowerment


Similar to investing in a CEO coach, investing in education for not only yourself but also for your team members is sure to brighten the path to success.

When it comes to reaching success, hard work isn't enough.  Your team can be working as hard as ever, but unless you have the knowledge to know what you need to work on, then your efforts are sunk!

Not only that, but the world is changing at an ever-quickening pace.  In the blink of an eye, markets completely shift and new technologies flip the business world on its head.

Therefore, investing in continuing business education is of the utmost importance.

And, not just any type of education... but one that empowers both you and your team to put their education to use to build processes that solve problems!

You see, most conventional education you'll get these days, whether it be in school or business books, gives you plenty of great information on what you need to do to achieve success.

However, what they don't teach you is to know how to apply that information.  Moreover, they don't empower you with the tools necessary to use your education to make an impact on your business.

Therefore, the best education these days is more about empowerment than it is teaching facts!  

Successful people are lifelong learners.  Plain and simple!  Take the 10 minutes that it takes to sign you and your team members up for an empowering, full-proof business training program.

Are you and your team empowered enough to do what it takes to reach success?


6. Clarifying Your Business Goals


One of the first steps of the entrepreneurial journey is setting business goals.  More specifically, goals that reflect a vision for where you want your business to be in the future.

Whether your definition of success is making a certain number of sales per month or becoming the dominant company in your industry, the goals you set should reflect that vision of success!

However, while most entrepreneurs set goals, they don't set proper goals.

What makes a goal a proper one?

To put it simply: A proper goal is a crystal clear goal!  It is measurable, such that you can keep numerical track as to whether you are making progress.  But it should also paint a beautiful picture as to what exactly you want your completed goal to look and feel like!

Here's an example of an unclear business goal: To increase our sales to one million by the end of the year. 

Now, here is that business goal clarified: To make a minimum of 83,000 sales of our best-selling product per month for the next 12 months so that we make a total of at least 1,000,000 sales by the end of the fiscal year.  When we reach the goal, the company will be in a better financial position than ever, and I will wear my best navy blue dress on that day we reach the goal!

If it feels like you're getting a little too detailed, then you're probably on the right track!

In fact, you can never be too detailed with your goals.

So go ahead and take just ten minutes to clarify your currently vague goals.  By doing so, not only will you have a clear path ahead of you, but also form a renewed excitement for success!


7. Assessing Progress On a Regular Basis


What isn't measured isn't managed.

If you're working towards something, be it success in business or a healthier lifestyle, failing to keep tabs on your progress will surely minimize your odds of success.

Think of it like this... If you want to lose 20 pounds but don't keep diligent track of your diet and exercise, then how do you know whether or not you're actually on track to reach your goal?

Once you clarify what your measurable business goals are, then your next step is to create a simple system to keep track of your progress.

For example, if your goal is to increase your revenue to one million dollars by the end of the year, you should keep tabs on whether or not your monthly revenue will eventually sum to one million.

To do so, set aside time on a regular basis to assess your progress.  We suggest that every week, you sit down and assess how things are coming along for just 10 minutes.

That way, you avoid any surprises along the way!  More specifically you avoid a scenario in which you thought you were doing so well, but reality told a different story.

Take 2 minutes right now to jot down a 10 minute time block in your weekly schedule solely for assessing progress.  In that time block, look back and takeaway whether or not you're making progress.

If not, then you know that you need to make changes to get back on the track to success, before you get to the end when it's too late!


What makes a business successful?


8. Connecting With an Accountability Partner


Achieving success of any kind is a challenge.

Perhaps the simplest way to ease the burdens of a challenge is by connecting with someone who is experiencing a similar type of challenge to give one another a hand every now and then.

We highly suggest finding a partner to help not only keep you accountable for your work, but also help boost your confidence during challenging times.

Having a strong partnership can be your greatest asset in business!

It doesn't necessarily matter what type of business your partner is in, or if they have their own business at all.  The point is that you have a partner who helps reinforce confidence when the going gets tough.

Furthermore, take one minute right now and reach out to that person who you know would make a good partner.  Ask them to partner up with you for the sake of one another achieving their goals.

Then, take out your calendar and set aside ten minutes every week to sit down and discuss progress with one another.  Not only will recurring meetings help you keep tabs on your progress, but it'll also reinforce hard work on both of your parts!

Having someone hold you accountable for your success can make a world of a difference.


9. Setting Aside Time For Personal Success


Entrepreneurship is just as much of a personal journey as it is a professional one.

Successful people aren't only focused on their success in business, but also in their personal lives.

If you aren't already, start taking just ten minutes per day to focus on personal wins.  Whether it be getting up early to do ten minutes of meditation or a ten minute walk around lunch time, your personal success will positively influence your professional success.

On the flip side, if your personal well-being is low, it's only a matter of time before that negativity seeps into your professional well-being.

For example, if you wake up everyday and can't stop thinking about how physically unhealthy you feel, do you really think that you can just turn off that switch when you get to the office or turn on your work computer?

As little as ten minutes per day can significantly increase your personal well-being.  And when you feel good, it's inevitable that you will be a better business owner.  And the better CEO you are, the more successful your business will be!


10. Shifting Your Mindset


Success of any kind begins in a positive mind.

If someone finds success with a sub-par mindset, then odds are that much of that success can be attributed to luck or will be short-term. 

What makes mindset so important to success?

Straight-up: Everything good and bad begins in the mind.  If you think good thoughts, you will have positive emotions, and you will do good deeds.  On the other hand, if you think bad thoughts, you will have negative emotions, and you will do bad deeds.

So you can have the best business idea, an accountability partner, and even a CEO coach, but if your mindset is completely in the red, then your odds of achieving success are extremely low.

To help get your mindset in the green, you need to put just as much hard work into getting your mind right as you do working on external projects.

That doesn't mean you have to spend ten hour days reflecting on your mindset to try and shift it.  

Instead, what you need to do is spend quality time assessing the state of your mind, and then make the necessary but often challenging mindset shifts.

For example, one of the most essential qualities of a business growth mindset is the belief that business success is simple, not complex.  While it might seem like making that mindset shift is as simple as changing your beliefs, what actually needs to happen is a complete unraveling of the mental conditioning that made you think that was true in the first place.

So, while changing your mindset is harder work than you might initially think, that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily time consuming!

That being said, set aside 10 minutes of your time everyday to focus on mental growth.  It's the 10 minutes that will make the absolute biggest positive impact on your success.

Bottom line: If your mind isn't right, nothing else will be.


Final Thoughts on 10 10 Minute Tactics to Get Achieve Business Success


Whether you're a large or small business owner, totally new to entrepreneurship or a seasoned professional, or even if you've already achieved some degree of success in business, these 10 tactics are for you!

Don't let any mental conditioning make you believe that 10 minutes isn't enough for you to start making positive changes in your business today.

Because the truth is that simple, calculated tactics will make the greatest difference in the long run!

What are you waiting for?  You know that you've got ten minutes to spare to put at least one of these tactics to work.  The path to success can instantly become clearer if you put even just one of these tactics to work.

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