Use CEO Coaching to Overcome Your Business Plateau!

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Jan 7, 2022

Every entrepreneur knows that dreaded feeling of pounding the pavement at work only to see their results stagnate into a plateau.  Despite the fact that every business leader knows a thing or two about the plateau, few know the single-best and most effective way to not just overcome it, but to never face it again... That being said, the secret is CEO coaching!

Going the CEO or executive coaching pathway is the most straightforward method you could follow to overcome a current plateau and prevent future ones.


Because, instead of trying out every method in the book to overcome the plateau, a coach prescribes a specific formula made just for you to get on the path of long-term, sustainable business growth.

A CEO coach has stood in your exact shoes before, therefore they have expertise due to direct experience regarding what it takes to immediately break the stagnation and get back on the path of growth. 

As a chief executive officer, you know that time is your greatest asset in both life and business.  Therefore, stop wasting it and go the executive coaching route to immediately turn your business trajectory upwards!


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How to Easily Overcome a Plateau With a Coach & Get Back to Growth


Not convinced that coaching is the way to go to overcome business stagnation?

Well... You could try countless different methods before seeing results, or you could do the most simple and logical thing in the book by calling in reinforcements from an expert coach!

Think about it… If your computer breaks down in the middle of an important work day and you can’t fix it, wouldn’t you call in reinforcements from an expert in the computer field?  

Similarly, if you’re in the middle of a growth phase and then suddenly begin to stagnate, wouldn’t you call in reinforcement from an experienced business expert, such as a coach?

Here is exactly how working with a CEO coach helps you simply and effectively overcome a plateau.


1. CEO Coaches Don’t Tolerate Complacency


Do you know what the root cause of hitting a business plateau is?

It isn't having terrible board members, a bad human resources department, or quite frankly any factor outside of yourself!

That being said, the root cause of business plateaus is complacency on the part of the CEO.

Think about it... When you are complacent, standards begin to slip in countless areas.  For example, if you hit a period of high sales growth and then suddenly become complacent with performance, it’s simply a given that performance will stagnate.

While it isn't necessarily fun to admit complacency, accepting that it is the root cause of the issue is empowering.  Not only that, but when stress levels are high during a business plateau, it is challenging to have such a high level of self-awareness to be able to recognize complacency.

This is where a CEO coach comes in... Not only is a high performance coach not afraid to be straightforward about complacency, but they don't accept it from others who they believe are capable of better.

Therefore, during coaching sessions, coaches:

  • Aren't afraid to be honest about what's causing the business plateau
  • Won't accept complacency from a high-level senior executive like yourself
  • Will give you tactical ways to kick complacency to the curve

Again, while nobody likes to hear that they themselves are the root cause of their problem, the good news is that... When you accept that you are the root cause of your problem, you also accept the fact that you are the solution to the problem!

A coach isn't afraid to tell you that you're causing the problem because they also know for sure that you are the solution to overcoming the problem!


2. You Simply Need a Methodology


Whenever a challenging time hits, such as a business plateau, our initial human instinct is to panic.  As a result of that instinctual response, even very experienced and successful CEOs will start looking for any possible quick-fix solution to get themselves out of the mess.

If that sounds familiar, you're not alone.  Again, it's nature to panic when business results begin to flatline!

To help you get back on track to success (and get you to stop panicking), coaches jump in to help you develop a simple business playbook to overcome the plateau and continue growing.

As a current or former CEO themselves, coaches understand what a successful business growth playbook looks like.

And, you might be asking... What's the secret to the perfect playbook?

​Simple.  It's simplicity!

Counter to what most of us are taught, successful business growth playbooks are simple and straightforward.  The simpler they are, the fewer opportunities there are for problems to arise.

Think about it... If you put together a playbook that includes ten major steps, incorporates dozens of growth tactics, and has countless boxes to check, then you're more likely to experience problems as a direct result of the plan.

That being said, coaches will help you develop a simple methodology that:

  1. Sets the stage for long-term, upward growth
  2. Minimizes the chances of future problems arising

Remember, coaches have been in your shoes before!  If there is anyone in the world to give you a book of plays to help you get to the next level, it's a current or former successful CEO turned coach.


3. Coaches Spot Blind Spots


After having the right mindset, do you know what the most important factor to overcoming a plateau is?  And, not just overcoming a plateau, but fostering an overall successful business?

Easy... It's sales!

A plateau is caused by flatlining sales, so obviously getting sales right is of the utmost importance.

Because of the importance of sales to overcoming a plateau and growing a successful business in general, CEOs need to be on top of their game when it comes to sales opportunities.

However, many CEOs struggle to see the holes in their sales game plan that got them into the plateau in the first place!

Think of it like this... Have you ever had a friend experience a relationship issue that they asked you for advice on?  When they discussed the problem with you, it was easy for you to see what was causing the problem and come up with a solution.  But, while it was easy for you to see, it wasn't as easy for your friend!

Furthermore, a CEO coach helps you identify the holes in your sales game plan that are causing you problems.  Not only that, but a coach will help you spot the best opportunities for sales in your industry.

Having a coach to help point out blind spots is particularly helpful for startup CEOs!


Because, with so much on their plate, startup CEOs oftentimes lose sight on the importance of nailing their sales game.  But with the help of a coach, they can get back on track to focusing on what matters most.


4. Coaches Teach CEOs to Be Better Leaders for Their Own Teams


Are you a CEO with a business full of incredible team members?

If so, then having strong executive leadership skills is of the utmost importance, particularly when you hit a business plateau.

Oftentimes when a business hits a plateau, the team needs the same kind of motivational boost that the CEO does.  

Put yourself in your team member's shoes... If you were working hard everyday only to realize that the company is plateauing, wouldn't you be the least bit disappointed and appreciate some external motivation?

Of course you would!

Therefore, top-tier coaches help CEOs with their leadership development.  And, NO... That does not mean that they simply teach you additional pointless leadership skills that you could simply read in a book somewhere else.

Instead, coaches are interested in drawing out the qualities of your unique leadership style, so that you can help keep your team going during challenging times. 

Now, you might be asking... What's wrong with learning leadership skills, and why do I need a coach to help bring out my own leadership style?

First off, if you're already a CEO, odds are you already have all the leadership skills you need!  Therefore, equipping yourself with more 'skills' will do you little to no good.  Not only that, but if you wanted to simply learn a new skill, you could just YouTube it and find plenty of resources.

Second, what makes a leader special is that they stay true to who they are.  They're not copying any other CEOs style or trying to be somebody they're not.  For that reason, CEOs can use coaches to hone in on their own unique leadership style to become a more effective leader!

Many times, top CEOs don't understand what powerful leaders they are, and it takes a CEO coach to help draw out those powerful qualities, particularly during times like plateaus!


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5. Mental Wellness Is Business Wellness


Believe it or not, but as the CEO of your company, you are a walking billboard for your business.  The person that you are reflects in your company.  Moreover, who you are and how you feel inevitably makes a difference in the results of your company.

That being said, if you feel like you're at a mental low because of the challenges associated with hitting a business plateau, then it's only inevitable that those low feelings will reflect in your business results.  More specifically, they'll make the process of overcoming a plateau even more challenging.

As much as you try to keep your personal wellbeing outside of your business results, it's nearly impossible to do so!  Unless you're superhuman, boxing your mind in that way is something that almost nobody can do.

The good news is that a coach can help you get your personal wellness back in check so that you can become a more effective CEO and overcome the plateau.

Remember... Top-level, experienced coaches have stood in your exact shoes before!  They know what it's like to experience, the ups, downs, and stagnations that come with running a business.  Therefore, there is no better person to be your sounding board and give you the right leadership advice when times get tough.

Furthermore, your business is a reflection of you!  So whatever you're feeling will inevitably reflect in your business results.  And, there is no better person in the world to be your sounding board, help you get your personal wellness back in check, and help you get back to growth than a coach!


Final Thoughts on Using Executive Coaching to Overcome a Plateau


The best CEOs know when it's time to call in reinforcement from an experienced, world-class CEO coach.

Let's put it this way... Business leaders have experienced plateaus for as far back as you can go, yet few ever consider the most logical and straightforward solution... A coach!

Don’t make the same mistake as them by trying every solution in the book only to realize later that a coach would have been the best way out.

Remember, time is of the essence!  How much longer will you let your business stagnate before calling in an expert coach?

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