Why CEO Coaching Is More Important NOW Than Ever

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Dec 20, 2021

Let's cut to the chase: The world needs effective CEOs now more than ever before.  Therefore, CEO coaching is also more important now than ever before.  But, that’s not the only reason why!

To put it simply... The world needs strong leaders and effective solutions more and more everyday.  And, what better person to not just be a leader, but also provide the kind of solutions that change lives than a driven chief executive officer?

However, in order for a CEO to fully step up to the plate to help more people in less time, they need the confidence, knowledge, and support to do so.

That is where CEO coaches come in!

That being said, we're sharing the top 5 reasons why coaching for CEOs is more important now than ever before.

If you are serious about living up to your fullest potential as a CEO to help more people in less time, then coaching is for you!


How do I find a CEO coach?


Does a CEO Need a Coach?


The world needs strong CEOs now more than ever before.  Therefore, CEOs need to be at the top of their game now more than ever!

What is the best way for CEOs to reach their fullest potential in the shortest amount of time?

It isn't reading more business books or taking more basic online webinars... Rather, it's about taking advantage of CEO coaching!

There is NO better resource to help you become your best self than somebody who has stood in your exact shoes before... And, not just someone who has stood in your shoes before, but a leader who has overcome the same battles you're currently fighting.

Coaches know how to bring out the best in people.  They're there to help you become your best self, so that you can be your best self for everyone else!

They're not interested in teaching you new skills.  Instead, they're interested in helping you bring out the skills you already have inside.

Still not convinced that coaching is all that valuable?  

Well... When you consider the fact that some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, have taken advantage of coaching, it becomes a little more convincing!

That being said... If a CEO wants to become the absolute best version of themself in less time, then they need a coach!


How Do CEOs Choose Their Coaches?


There are several ways that CEOs can choose coaches.  Thanks to countless online resources including social media, coaches are more accessible now than ever.  

In fact, sometimes finding a coach is as simple as sending a DM on LinkedIn!

However, when choosing a coach, what is most important is that the coach has a track record of business success!

What do we mean by a track record of success?

A coach has a track record of success if they have both:

  1. Achieved business success as a CEO themself
  2. Previous experience helping other business people achieve their own goals

When it comes to picking your coach, the proof is in the pudding!  Look for those who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.


1. Because the World Needs More Talented Entrepreneurs Now Than Ever


The world is changing at a faster pace than has ever been seen before in history.  Just a decade ago, the world looked almost entirely different.  And most likely a decade from now, the world will look completely different than it does today.

That being said, people now more than ever need solutions to keep up with the ever-changing pace of the world.  More specifically, people need solutions to help mitigate both the positive and negative side effects of the ever-changing world.

Enter the world class entrepreneur!

When you consider the pace at which the world changes, there are more opportunities now than ever to provide solutions to challenges.

To help high potential senior executives find their footing in the fast paced world are CEO coaches!  Coaches help executives rise to the occasion of our current times.  They help bring the best out in CEOs, so that CEOs can be their best for the world.

The world needs more talented entrepreneurs now than ever, because people need solutions and strong leadership now more than ever!


People Need Solutions!


Like we mentioned above, there are both positive and negative side effects to living in a world that changes so quickly.

Therefore, people desperately need solutions to help mitigate both the positive and negative.

That's where CEOs come in!

CEOs can help bring highly needed solutions to the table.  To help them do it to their absolute best are CEO coaches.

Because coaches are experienced CEOs themselves, they can help students improve their business plans to create the most effective solutions.

Bottom line: People need solutions.  And, coaches help CEOs create the best solutions when they're needed most.


People Need Better Leaders!


When the world changes so quickly, people don't just need solutions.  Additionally, they need leaders to guide them through the times!

Coaches help high performance CEOs with their leadership development, so that they can be the most effective leaders for their customers, team members, and others on their leadership team.

And, coaches don't follow a one-size-fits-all approach with leadership.  Instead, they hone in on the CEO's unique leadership style, and then help them refine it.

The world needs leaders.  Coaches can help CEOs be the best leader versions of themselves.


2. There Is Plenty of CEO-Related Misinformation Online


If every person who listened to business podcasts or took an online course on business leadership knew everything they needed to be a successful CEO, then there would be many more successful CEOs on earth!

While the age of information has given more people than ever a chance to become business owners, that doesn't mean that there aren't downsides of the era.  

Particularly when it comes to misinformation online... Just like everything else in this world, there is plenty of misinformation surrounding business leadership!

And the thing is, no matter how experienced one is as a CEO, everyone is vulnerable to falling for online misinformation.

That being said, experienced coaches who have been around the block in executive leadership positions know what information is real and what is fake.  Therefore, they can give their students the real deal information that will actually help take them to the next level.

Remember, just because people have more access to information now than ever doesn't necessarily mean that they are getting accurate, high-quality information.  Is the information you're getting sending you forward, or taking you backwards?


CEOs Need Expertise From Experienced Leaders


Be careful where you get your information from!  Just because you have access to information doesn't mean you have accurate information on your hands.

The absolute best place to get business and leadership advice from isn't a random source on the internet, but someone who has been in your shoes before.

*Cough cough* A CEO coach!

Top-level coaches have direct experience from being a current or former CEO themselves.  Therefore, they are the absolute best source for information and advice on all things business-related.

If you wanted to learn how to be a star soccer player, would you take advice from just anyone?  Or, would you go to a former star soccer player for help?  Picking a CEO coach works the same way!


A Mentor Isn’t the Same as a Chief Executive Coach


Now, you might be saying to yourself... ‘Sure there is misinformation, but I'm part of a CEO peer group and have a mentor... So, I don't need a coach!'

While finding supportive leadership groups and a mentor is excellent, neither are the same as having a coach.

Because, unlike a peer group or mentor, a coach:

  1. ​Gives advice based on direct experience
  2. Makes achieving your goals their number one priority
  3. Gives you the hard advice that you NEED to hear… not what you want to hear

Most importantly, unlike a mentor or peer group, coaches aren't there to beat around the bush.  They will tell you exactly what you need to hear to help you achieve your goals.

So, by all means find support elsewhere, but don't expect to get the same high-quality information from a support group or mentor as you would a coach.


What does a CEO coach do?


3. Business Leaders Need to Have Multiple Perspectives


One of the best parts of living in the world we do today is that there are more opportunities for business growth than ever before.  Never before have there been so many types of ideas, people to serve, and outlets for service.

However, with so many more opportunities in the world, CEOs need to be willing to see their ideas through multiple perspectives.  What may sound like a good idea to them might not be the best idea, given the countless different opportunities and ways to serve at hand.

We like to call these gaps in perspective blind spots.

Therefore, CEOs can use coaches to help identify blind spots in their business plans, models, and strategies.  That way, they can come up with the most effective solutions for the most people!

For example, if you want to achieve business growth by increasing your annual revenue, there are countless ways you can do that.  And, the method you initially choose might not be the most effective or efficient.  However, a coach can help call out those blind spots in your thinking to help you achieve that goal more effectively.

Never before has there been more opportunity for growth in the world.  The best CEOs call in reinforcement from coaches to help them eliminate blind spots in their thinking, so that they can take advantage of the best opportunities at hand.


The Business World Has a Broad Landscape


Why are there so many more opportunities for growth today than ever before?

To put it simply, the world has more:

  1. Technology and people with access to technology
  2. Diversity in people, thoughts, and ideas
  3. Problems to be solved

Another way of putting this is that the business landscape has broadened immensely.

With so many opportunities at hand AND ways to take advantage of those opportunities, CEOs need help from coaches to identify the best opportunities and how to solve them in the best way possible.

Coaching sessions with a CEO coach can help you take advantage of the abundance of today’s world.


Successful CEOs Reinforce Self-Awareness


In order to check for blind spots, CEOs need a certain level of self-awareness.  However, being self-aware is much easier said than done.

Coaches reinforce self-awareness in CEOs.  By doing so, they not only help them check for blind spots, but they also help them realize all the potential they have!

It's easy to see self-awareness as something to keep negative tendencies in check, but it's also helpful to bring out the positive qualities in people!

CEO coaches reinforce self-awareness to keep negative qualities at bay AND draw out the best qualities.


4. CEO Coaches Help Establish Problem-Solving Methodologies


Having skills isn't enough for success in the business world.  If all it took was having the right skills, then there would be many more successful CEOs out there.

And, the truth is, most CEOs already have all the skills they need... But, what they're missing is knowing how to put those skills to use!  More specifically, they're missing the kind of empowerment necessary to apply their skills to everyday business deals!

Straight-up: Having skills means nothing unless you know how to apply them.  And knowing how to apply them comes via empowerment.

CEO coaches, having already proven that they know how to put their skills to use, are the perfect people to empower CEOs.

With their help, CEOs gain the empowerment that it takes to become not just a skilled executive, but one that knows how to solve hard problems.

Think you have all the skills it takes to be successful?  Well, it doesn't matter unless you are empowered to apply those skills to solve problems.


Having Business and Leadership Skills Isn’t Enough


As we mentioned, a CEO can have all the business and leadership skills in the world, but having skills alone isn't enough to be successful.

Believe it or not, but the gap between simply having knowledge and knowing what to do with knowledge is a product of the modern day education system.

From a young age, we are told that there is no such thing as being overly-educated.  As a result, it's a given these days that we strive to go to school as long as possible to gain as much knowledge as we can.

However, what the education system doesn't teach us is how to apply our knowledge!

These days, we live in a world full of highly-educated people, including CEOs, who have plenty of knowledge but haven't been empowered to know what to do with it.

This is where a coach can come in!

Having been in your shoes before, they know that you need more than just knowledge to be successful.  In fact, a coach is unlikely to try and teach you any new information!  Instead, what they will do is empower you to use your information to become an effective problem-solver.

There is no more empowering person in this world to help you than a former CEO turned coach.


Does a CEO need a coach?


5. CEOs Must Stand Strong In Their Goals


How many times has somebody, whether a mentor friend, told you something along the lines of... 'That will never work' or 'Try thinking smaller first'?

If you're like most CEOs, then you probably hear things like that on a regular basis!

The truth is, if you want to achieve all of your business goals, then you need to surround yourself with the kind of people who make you think bigger, not smaller.  And, what better person to do that than a CEO coach?

A coach, having heard many of those same belittling statements before, won't try to force you into a box.  Instead, they will push you to make your visions even bigger and better than they are now!

Not only that, but they will enforce the kind of confidence that it takes to stand strong in those visions.

The world's best CEOs were all told at one point or another that they are thinking too big.  That being said, if you're in that same boat, then consider yourself on the path to success.


CEOs Must Know When It’s Time to Change Their Playbook


Here's the thing: Every CEO needs to stand strong in their goals.  However, what is equally as important is knowing when it's time to adjust the playbook in order to achieve those goals.

For example, if the business landscape drastically changes, a CEO needs to know how to change up their playbook without completely abandoning their goals.

However, understanding when it's time to adjust course can be a challenge for many CEOs.  It's difficult to switch things up without feeling like you're abandoning the vision.

With the help of a coach, CEOs:

  1. Gain the confidence to stand strong in their goals
  2. Learn when it is and isn't the right time to adjust course

Moreover, CEOs learn from coaches the difference between changing course because they're being pressured into it and changing course because it will improve their outcomes.

Striking this balance can be challenging for CEOs who are determined to achieve their goals.  But, a coach can show them that adjusting the playbook will actually help improve their odds of success.


Final Thoughts On the Importance of Executive Coaching


Bottom line: If you want to become the best CEO version of yourself while achieving all of your business goals, then a coach is the simplest, most effective way to do so.

You don't need to spend any more time reading additional business books or taking online classes hoping that they will make all the difference for you.  

Instead, take a direct approach by working one-on-one with a coach who has been in your shoes before, and knows exactly how to develop your talents to their fullest extent.

The world needs more effective CEOs now than ever before, so CEO coaching is more important now than ever.  Will you do what it takes to become the best CEO version of yourself?

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