Solve All of Your Business Problems With This 1 Factor

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Jun 20, 2022

The truth is that most business problems entrepreneurs face are (very) easily solvable.

Even though business leaders find it daunting to overcome most problems, the hard truth is that they're just overthinking 99% of the time.

To prove it, I’m sharing the 1 factor that will solve almost all the problems a business faces.

Focusing on this single factor solves most problems AND is instrumental to building a successful business!

Unless you hone in on this 1 particular factor, I bet you’ll:

  • Try countless other methods to solve your problems;
  • Spin your wheels but go nowhere; and
  • Eventually land back at square one.

I guarantee your own business problems are overcome-able if you focus on this particular factor.

The challenges of entrepreneurship are simpler to solve than you think.


90% of Business Problems Are Business Growth Problems


To begin with, 90% of business problems are business growth problems.

Or, at least, the biggest and most important business problems are those related to business growth!

Except for other problems like time management, managing workflow, and company culture, I bet your biggest problems are all growth-related.


Business Growth Problems = Cash Flow Problems

Business growth is a measure of cash.

The more cash you generate, the more your business grows.

There are several different business growth strategies, including:

  1. Generating new customers in your current market
  2. Generating customers in new markets
  3. Product or service development
  4. Expanding the business to include more resources

The goal of each strategy is to increase cash flow.

With more cash on hand, there is more money to:

  • Re-invest into the business
  • Let employees take home themselves (and yourself!)
  • Put aside for future investment

That said, most business problems are growth problems, and growth problems are cash problems!


Capturing New Customers In Your Current Market

The first business growth strategy is capturing new customers from your target market.

While it sounds easy, consistently generating new customers is perhaps the most pervasive growth-related challenge small business owners experience.

A minority of business owners generate enough new customers through word of mouth, but that’s not the reality for most.

On the contrary, the reality for most business owners is struggling to generate even one new customer.


Expanding Into New Markets

The second business growth strategy is expanding the customer base to include new markets.

Instead of solely generating customers from your current target market, you expand your market pool to attract more potential new customers.

Similarly to capturing customers from your current market, expanding into new territory is usually quite challenging for most business owners.

Entering new customer territory proves to be a totally different ball game for CEOs to navigate.


Developing New Products or Services

Product development is the third of the business growth strategies.

At some point, business owners think of better ways to serve their clients.

Serving clients better often comes down to improving product or service quality.   

Sometimes, developing higher-quality products and services is a matter of outpacing the competition; after being in the game for a while, your customers need to stay interested in your products.  

Developing new versions of current offerings often does the trick.

Otherwise, something newer and better could come along, and they’ll wonder elsewhere!


Investing In New Employees or New Technologies

The last of the most common business growth strategies is investing in new business resources.

Specifically, investing in hiring new employees, new technologies, or even new office spaces.

Most businesses eventually get to a point in which they have to make investments to stay efficient.

However, many business owners struggle to make those investments because they don’t know if they have the cash to do it.

Or, perhaps they have the cash now but are worried they won’t in the future.


What problems do businesses face?


99% of Business Growth Problems Are Sales Problems


Business growth problems are sales problems!

99% of the time, whenever an entrepreneur says they’re struggling to grow their business, they’re just struggling with sales growth.


Sales generate cash, and cash grows a business!

Typically, there are a few sales problems that business owners experience, including:

  1. Generating new leads consistently
  2. Closing more new sales deals in less time
  3. Managing customer relationships

Entrepreneurs face many sales-related problems, but these are the most common and impactful on overall sales outcomes.

Unless an entrepreneur overcomes sales problems, business growth problems are virtually unsolvable.

If business growth problems are unsolvable, overall business problems will never go away!


Cash Flow Problems = Sales Growth Problems

Unless you’re generating cash through sub-means like social media, all of your money comes in through sales.

The more sales you make, the more cash you generate. The more money generated, the more your business grows. The more your business grows, the fewer business problems you have!

Therefore, solving sales problems will solve most of your overall business problems!


Generating New Leads

The first sales problem most entrepreneurs know too well is consistently generating new leads.

Many entrepreneurs consider themselves lucky to generate even a handful of new leads!

When it comes to generating new leads, most CEOs and salespeople struggle with:

  1. Identifying ideal potential customers
  2. Making effective cold calls
  3. Wasting time and energy on proposals
  4. Getting ghosted by leads

Even though they work extremely hard, most CEOs can’t generate leads.

Without any new leads, there are no future customers.


Closing More New Deals

If a CEO and their sales team successfully generate leads, their problems don’t disappear!

Once they get a new lead in their pipeline, getting them to sign on the dotted line often proves nothing short of a hassle.

Typically, when an entrepreneur is ready to close out the sales process, they have to deal with:

  1. Objections
  2. Negotiations
  3. Getting connected with the decision-makers

While they’ve done absolutely everything possible to cross the finish line, leads still hesitate to make a decision.

As a result, many CEOs have low lead-to-customer conversion rates and a slow sales pipeline velocity.


Managing Customer Relationships

Finally, the sales process does not end after a lead converts into a new customer.

The sales process continues as the customer implements your solution.

Moreover, the customer experience after signing the deal is vital to sales success!

If a customer has a positive experience, they are likely to repurchase in the future. Not only that, but the customer is also more likely to generate referrals for other potential customers.

If a customer has a negative experience, they are unlikely candidates for repeat business. Also, the odds that they generate referrals for you are low.

Even worse, they might share their bad experience with others making it more difficult for you to generate new leads in the future!

Unfortunately, CEOs are not safe from sales problems once the deal is signed.

You might have successfully generated the lead and converted them into a new customer, but can you keep them happy?


What are the key challenges businesses face?


Most Entrepreneurs Focus on Anything BUT Sales


Business problems = business growth problems = cash flow problems = sales problems.

Even though sales challenges are central to most business problems, most entrepreneurs do not focus on sales as they should!

Instead of focusing on sales, they focus on things that matter less to overcoming problems, such as their marketing strategy.

However, this is not to say that the marketing strategy isn't important for overcoming business problems.

Instead, it is not as important as sales problems because eliminating sales-related problems ultimately increases cash flow.

CEOs have limited resources, particularly time! 

Therefore, unless a CEO invests their time wisely by focusing on sales problems, their overall business problems will likely overcome them.


Small Business Owners Inflict Problems on Themselves

Have you ever had a business issue on your hands but were too intimidated to solve it? 

Because you were intimidated, you decided to brush the issue under the rug.

For example, did you know that your business strategy was not working, but the challenge of changing it felt like such a daunting task, so you decided to ignore it?

Most entrepreneurs do this all the time!

As a result, they inflict challenges on themselves.

Manageable business issues develop into enormous challenges because they are ignored at first. The more time a CEO tries to put off solving it, the greater the challenge becomes.

The greater the challenge becomes, the more difficult it gets to solve!

That said, most of the common challenges CEOs experience are self-inflicted.

Instead of confronting the challenge when it was still small and manageable, they put it off until it boils over. Once it boils over, CEOs have no choice but to confront it.

Had they not been so afraid to confront the issue while it was small, it would not have boiled over into such a big problem.


Business Owners Overcomplicate Solutions to Challenges

You might have what looks like a daunting challenge in front of you, but the truth is that the solution to it is simple.

More specifically, the challenge is simply solvable by focusing on sales.

Even though overcoming most challenges is a simple matter of making more sales in less time, most business owners overcomplicate their solutions.

Business owners look at challenges as intimidating mountains to climb. Because they believe climbing the mountain is daunting, they develop unnecessarily complex solutions to reach the summit.

Unfortunately, the more complex solution they implement, the less likely it is to work.

Think of it like this: If you want to reach the summit of a mountain in as little time as possible, would you take a gondola to the top, or would you try to ride a unicycle backwards up the hill? Why wouldn’t you take the gondola unless you want to make it harder to reach the summit?

If you think of the mountain as a business problem, most CEOs choose to go up backwards on a unicycle instead of riding the gondola.  

In this case, riding the gondola is the equivalent of focusing on sales.

If most CEOs focused on improving their sales processes instead of trying to implement unnecessarily complex solutions, then their problems would easily disappear!


Focusing on This 1 Factor Will Eliminate Most of Your Business Problems


You will almost certainly eliminate all your business problems by focusing 90 to 95% of your energy on sales.

Specifically, focusing on sales pitches is the key!

You can have the best business plans, but they will not solve your problems.

What will solve your problems is making killer sales pitches.

The better you pitch, the fewer sales problems and the more cash you will make.

With more cash, the more your business will grow, and the more of your business problems will disappear.


What are the biggest business problems?


Making Effective Sales Pitches Will Eliminate Your Problems

If you can make sales pitches as if you are in the 1% of top sales professionals, you can sell your product or service to almost 100% of the prospects you encounter.


Every potential customer has, what I like to call, a business vision. The business vision is the ultimate outcome that the prospect tries to create through their business.

Examples of business visions can include anything from solving world hunger to connecting people from around the world together.

Steve Jobs’ vision with Apple was to empower the world through technology. Creating products like the iPhone was a means to manifest that vision.

Moreover, sales pitches are your opportunity to show prospects that you can help them get to that ultimate outcome with the help of your deliverable.

If you closely align yourself with the outcome they want to reach, then the prospect will believe that they can’t afford to NOT work with you.

The prospect will believe that reaching their desired business outcome is at risk!

That said, you can sell to almost anyone you want if you can pitch like an absolute pro.

The better you pitch, the more deals you'll close.


Can You Pitch As If Your Life Depends on It?

Are you ready to pitch as if your life depends on it?

If so, you will have an easy time solving your problems and, ultimately, the overall business problems.

However, solving problems will not come easy if you aren't ready to make pitches as if your life depends on it.

Unfortunately, most traditional sales training programs don’t help CEOs and sales professionals make killer pitches. If they did, there would be many more business owners with fewer problems!

On the other hand, Deal Flow Accelerator takes all the fluff out of teaching you how to make pitches.

Unlike most sales training programs that make formulating pitches complicated, DFA peels away all the nonsense so that you can make winning pitches without having to jump through hoops and over landmines.

By the end of DFA, you’ll be able to make undeniable pitches to whoever you want to make more sales than ever before.


Final Thoughts on the 1 Factor That Solves All Your Business Problems


If somebody tells you solving business problems is complicated, it’s because they’re either trying to sell you something or have bought into the idea that problem-solving is complicated.

Yes, problem-solving requires persistence and hard work, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t simple!

Almost all of your business problems are solvable if you learn how to make sales pitches as if your life depends on it!

Don't believe it?

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