The 1 Minute Cold Email Strategy That Works Every Time!

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Oct 23, 2021

Take a stab at this hot button question: What is the most dreaded part of the entire sales process for most sales teams?

It's not making sales pitches, building customer relationships, or organizing marketing tools.

Rather, it's cold emailing!

And, you don't need us to tell you why it is so dreaded amongst even the best sales pros.

Low open, response, and email deliverability rates are among just a few of the biggest challenges.  Not to mention that it can be extremely time consuming curating the perfect email campaign to only result in a few conversions.

Today, we are putting all of those cold email complaints aside.  We are sharing the #1 cold email strategy to immediately boost your cold email success!

This strategy is guaranteed to get more prospects to open your emails, respond to them, and eventually turn over into valuable customers.  Even better, it only takes about a minute to throw together!  Yep.. One minute to take advantage of the absolute best email strategy.

No more spending hours on end writing out long emails about your product/service just for your plan to fail.

If you put this cold email strategy to use, we guarantee that cold emailing will become the least of your problems in the sales process.  In fact, it might even turn you into a cold email fanatic!


Is Cold Email Marketing Effective?


In short: Yes!

Along with cold calling, cold emailing is one of the most effective sales outreach strategies.  

By effective, we mean that cold emailing is a great way to convert leads into long-term customers.  

However, it's kind of hard to believe it considering how much salespeople seem to despise email marketing!

Just go on Reddit or some other online forum and you'll see thousands of questions and complaints about cold emailing.

But, there is an important distinction to make here...

While cold emailing is an extremely effective lead generation tactic, that is only if you employ specific strategies in your sales emails.  And, the thing is that most salespeople don't take advantage of those specific strategies!

Hence, why they have such low open and response rates, and why they end up on Reddit to sound off their frustrations.

With that said, cold email marketing is effective only when you use specific, highly-effective strategies like the one we are going to share today.

On the other hand, if you stick to the same old tactics that everyone else tells you to use, you will likely end up with exactly zero responses. 

Bottom line: If you want cold email success, then you should absolutely take advantage of the 1 minute cold email strategy!


How to Master Cold Email


Here Is Why People Despise Cold Email Outreach (Ineffective Tactics!)


Straight-up: Salespeople despise cold email outreach because they work so hard at it, only to have extremely poor results.

With that said, what kind of tactics are most sales reps currently using in their cold emails only to get zero responses?  Here are some of them:

  1. Handing control over to prospects
  2. Writing long and drawn-out messages
  3. Low-quality automated email blasts

First off, many salespeople think that it's a bad thing to be controlling in a sales email.  They think that it's better to let the prospect take control so that they don't feel cornered or pressured.

However, the opposite is true!  If you let your prospects have control over the email response by letting them choose a time for follow-up, then the odds that the prospect ever gets back to you are extremely low.  Believe it or not, but prospects actually like it when sales reps control the sales encounter because it places less pressure on their own shoulders.

Second, your prospects are likely extremely busy people, just like you.  Therefore, do you really think that writing out an extremely long and detailed message is going to make them say, "Oh, great!  Another email to read!".

Many salespeople believe that, the more detailed the message they give, the better it is.  However, the opposite is true!  Typically, the longer the typed message is, the less likely the prospect is to read it.

Lastly, automation gets more hype in email marketing than what it deserves.  Many sales reps waste so much time writing up completely unpersonal automated emails to get blasted out via their Mailchimp or CRM and think it is going to get them somewhere.

While automation can do well, it isn't as effective as most people think it is.  

Moreover, you don't need to give up blasting your email list every week with automated messages, but don't think for a second that it is among the best cold email tactics.

If you don't want to end up like one of the many salespeople hating their lives while working on their email marketing, then don't waste your time with these three tactics.

If you want high open, reply, and conversion rates, you have to take things a step further…


What Makes a Good Cold Email?


A successful cold email that gets prospects to respond does/contains a few specific things:

  1. A simple, personalized message
  2. Creates an immediate sense of urgency
  3. Adds value to the prospect right away

To begin with, your email message should be simple and personal.  The more complex things are, the less personal they tend to be.  

Therefore, try to make your message make the prospect feel that it is directed especially to them, and doesn't take a lot of effort to read. 

Second, your email needs to set off alarm bells in the prospect's head.  Why?  Because urgency makes prospects think that if they don't respond to you that they will lose out on something special.

Urgency is one of the most effective sales psychology tactics out there.  If you don't use it, then don't expect your prospect to respond. 

Lastly and most importantly, your cold email must provide immediate value to the prospect if you want any chance of them responding to you!

Always remember that there is no such thing as something for nothing in both sales and life... Therefore, if you want a response out of your prospect, then you need to give them something first!

Put yourself in your potential customer's shoes... Why should they take the time to read your email, respond to it, and set up a sales meeting if they don't get any benefit from it right away?

With that said, here is the single most effective cold email strategy that accomplishes these three most important things....


What Makes a Good Cold Email?


Master Cold Emails With This Highly Effective 1 Minute Strategy


Now without further ado, here is the most effective cold email strategy to increase your open rate, reply rate, and conversion rate!

This sales strategy has all the three elements of an effective sales email, including being a simple, personalized email, creating a sense of urgency, AND providing value to the prospect right off the bat!

Not only that, but the best part about this sales strategy is that it is EASY.  Yep, easy.

In fact, if you use this strategy, you will probably save a whole lot of time when developing your cold email campaign.

Here is the strategy, and you should use it in your very first email: Create a 1 minute video of yourself speaking directly to your prospect.  In that video, tell the prospect that you know some vital piece of information about their business that you believe they ought to know... Moreover, tell them that you found a pain point within their business that you want to share with them AND that you have a solution for it.

That's it.

Literally, all you need to do is pick up your phone, record yourself, attach the video to the email, and you're good to go!

Not only does this tactic cover the three most important elements of any cold email message, but it also makes it harder for the prospect to ghost you.

Because, when they see your face in their inbox, it's harder for them to simply ignore you.  By showing your face over email, you've made it so much more challenging for them to ghost you.

Think about it... Isn't it much harder for you to ghost someone when you are facing them head-on?

Furthermore, the 1 minute email strategy is far and away the best strategy to use in your outreach campaign to hit your target audience.

If you use this strategy effectively, we guarantee that you are going to see jumps in your open, response, and conversion rates.


The 1 Minute Cold Email Template/Script


To make things even easier on you, we are sharing an exact template/script that you can use to craft your cold email video message!

The next time prospects open up their Gmail or Outlook, let them see your face over video and hear you follow this exact same script!

Here is the exact script your should follow in your 1 minute video message... for this example, let's say that your prospect's name is Brian, your name is Alex, and you are trying to sell SEO services:

Intro - Say hello and use your prospect's name: Hey, Brian!  This is Alex here from Innovative SEO Services!

Hook the prospect's attention - Tell them you know something: Hey!  I want to let you know that I did some research on your company's website and it's SEO performance... I had a look at some metrics and noticed that your website is performing significantly lower than that of your competitors.

Add value -  Let them know you want to let them in: You already know how important SEO is to gaining organic online traction.  How would you like to sit down and I can show you exactly what information I uncovered about your company's website?  This information reveals key insights into how you can improve your company's online traction with the help of improved SEO!

Call to action - Propose a meeting time: Why don't we sit down for a meeting tomorrow or the day after and I can show you everything I found?  Are you available between 9 am and noon on either day?

Outro -  Repeat your contact information: You can find my contact information below, but just to repeat it my email address is Alex@InnovativeSEO and my phone number is 111-111-1111!

Urgency - Repeat your company name & remind them of the importance: Thank you so much for your time, Brian.  Again, this is Alex with Innovative SEO, I really believe you're going to want to see this information!

If you can replicate this script in your 1 minute video, then just be prepared for prospects to start flooding your inbox.

All you need to do is write up a short email sequence in addition to the video and you are good to go (See tips below on what that message should look like)!

And, we will repeat again... This is a simple 1 minute video!  60 seconds is all that stands in between you and a prompt response from your prospect.


Is Cold Email Marketing Effective?


Extra Cold Email Tips to Increase Response Rate


While the 1 minute video is the most important part of your cold email, it shouldn't be the only thing that lands in the prospect's inbox.

Along with the video, you should write out a short and concise message that incorporates the following 7 tips. 

If you use these tips along with an effective video, then consider your cold email strategy full-proof.


1. Write the Prospect’s Name


When addressing the prospect at the start of the email, ALWAYS write out their full name.

Believe it or not, but when you address a person by name, the feel good hormone, dopamine, releases in their brain.  

Why? Because, hearing their name repeated back sends signals of trust, empathy, and excitement.

Moreover, avoid writing, "To Whom It May Concern" or "Sir/Mamm" at all costs.  They won't have the same positive effect as saying the prospect’s name. 

Therefore, when compiling your email list, do as much digging as you can to figure out what your target prospect's full names are!


2. Use a Proper Email Signature


There's something about having an email signature that sends a signal that you have it all put together.

The more complete your email signature looks, the more professional and reputable you look as a sales rep!

While it sounds overblown, having a perfectly curated signature will make you look significantly more put together than if you didn't have one.

At the very least, your signature should include your:

  • Full name
  • Contact info
  • LinkedIn
  • Name of your organization

3. Repeat Back Your Contact Information


While you should have your contact information written in your email signature, you should also write it near the end of the body of your email message.

The idea behind this is that it directly lets the prospect know that you want to connect with them.

Otherwise if you just leave your contact information in the signature and say nothing else about it, it doesn’t directly indicate that you want to connect with them.

With that said, always give the prospect your name, phone number, and email address at the end of your message.

For even better effect, you can also tell them that you will connect with them on LinkedIn to have an extra channel of communication.


4. Say Your Company Name In the Final Line of the Email Body

The last line of your entire email message is the one that the prospect is most likely to remember.  Therefore, insert your company's name in the very last line in order to make it stand out in their memory.

Of all the things you want them to remember, your company's name should be the first!

Something along the lines of, "Again, this is Brian with BOLD CEO..." works just fine.

This simple tactic is perhaps one of the easiest ways you can stay at the forefront of the prospect's mind.


5. Don't Use The Word ‘I’ A Lot


We hate to say it, but prospect's are are real people just like you and I.  And, real people like us are more interested in ourselves than we like to admit. 

With that said, avoid using the words 'I', 'me', and 'my' so much in your outreach emails. 

Unfortunately, prospects don't care about hearing about you... Instead, they care about solving their own problems.  While it sounds harsh, it is simply reality!

Therefore, use second-person language instead of first-person language whenever you can in your message.  It will make the prospect feel like you are more focused on them and solving their problems than you are on yourself.


6. Write an Eye-Catching Subject Line


The cold email subject line is almost as important to your success as incorporating a video message is. 

If you have a weak subject line, then the odds that the prospect even opens your email are extremely slim.

But, how do you write an eye-catching subject line?

Plain and simple: Use the same kind of language as you do in your 1 minute video... In a single sentence, tell the prospect that you have some information about their business that they ought to know about!

For example, if the prospect’s name is Brian and your company sells social media marketing services, say something like 'Hi Brian, I have some interesting information about your company's social media that you ought to know!’.

Just like your 1 minute video, do you see how that one line creates a sense of urgency in the prospect AND shows that you have something valuable to share with them?

If there is one part of your sales email that you should pay just as much attention to as your video, make it the subject line!


7. Never Leave Without a Call to Action


Incorporating a call to action, or CTA, is basically common knowledge in B2B sales emails.

But, while most salespeople write a call to action, they don't write an effective one.  By that we mean that they leave it up to the prospect to initiate the action themselves.

What salespeople really should be doing is initiating the action so that it is easy for their prospects to go along with it.

For example, instead of saying "Let's talk soon, can you send me your availability?", say "Why don't we do a 20 minute call either tomorrow or the day after... Are you free in the morning?".

See how in the second example you are guiding the prospect through the action instead of leaving it all up to them?

In short: If you leave all the action up to the prospect, it will never get done!


Final Thoughts on The 1 Minute Cold Email Strategy


Now, are you going to take action?  Are you going to put this simple sales strategy to use and get the best cold email results that you have ever had?

Or, are you going to let all of this golden information pass you by?

The only thing that stands in the way of you upping your cold email game is the fear of putting yourself out there.

If you can overcome that fear, then know that you've overcome the biggest hurdle that there is to business success!

Don't let anything stand in the way of you becoming the salesperson you know you are capable of becoming.  Take advantage of the 1 minute cold email strategy to achieve the heights of sales success!

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