The BOLD CEO Mindset: What Sets It Apart From a Regular CEO Mindset?

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Oct 20, 2021

What is one thing that all CEOs need to have if they want to experience any level of business success?

Plain and simple: It’s a CEO mindset!

A CEO mindset is absolutely essential if you want to achieve success in any form, whether it be business growth or just plain happiness.

With that said, today we are sharing a type of mindset that is a step ahead of the basic CEO mindset… Today, we’re talking about the BOLD CEO mindset!

What makes a regular CEO mindset and a BOLD CEO mindset different?  Well, adopting a BOLD CEO mindset is guaranteed to help you achieve business success!  

Take for example the fact that people who have gone through the Deal Flow Accelerator program to shift to a BOLD CEO mindset…  They resultantly made a collective $26 million in sales after making that mindset shift!

When it comes to the BOLD CEO mindset, the possibilities for you are endless.

Therefore, we’re sharing mindset traits specific to BOLD CEOs that sets them apart from regular CEOs and other senior leaders in business.

If you want to improve yourself and your business, then focus on developing these specific mindset traits!


What Is a CEO Mindset?


A CEO mindset is the set of psychological traits held by a CEO.

When you know what a CEO’s mindset is, you can understand why they do the things that they do.

For example, a CEO with an overall very negative mindset will likely act very negatively.  On the flip side, a CEO with a positive mindset will likely act very positively.

More importantly, mindset is often a good predictor of outcomes.  If a person is negative, then you would expect them to act negatively.  And, business success rarely ever comes when someone is acting negative!

When paired with taking strategic actions, having the right mindset can set you up for business success!

Mindset + action = the results you want.

Therefore, if you want success to be in the books for you, you must develop the right mindset!

Better yet, if you want to achieve the heights of business success, then you should develop a BOLD CEO mindset!


What Qualities Should a CEO Have?


How Do You Get a BOLD CEO Mindset?


Are you a new CEO starting their own business and looking to develop a BOLD CEO mindset?  Or, are you simply trying to elevate your current CEO mindset to a new level?

If so, then there is good news!

Anyone, and we mean anyone, who wants to get a BOLD CEO mindset can get one.

Even better, regardless of how trained or experienced you are, you can develop a BOLD CEO mindset all on your own.

The way to get a BOLD CEO mindset is by pretending like you already have one.  More specifically, by adopting certain mindset traits that BOLD CEOs have and going about your life as if you already have them fully developed.

For example, you’ll soon find out that all BOLD CEOs have astounding courage.  If you want to have that same mindset trait, then the way to develop it is by doing acts of courage as if you already have plenty of courage to go around!  Eventually with practice, courage will become a trait of yours.

Elevating your mindset is about acting like you are a BOLD CEO until it becomes real.

Believe it or not, but when your mindset is set on something, the rest of your life unfolds to fit that mindset.  It’s why people who think small get small results.  And, it’s why people who think big get big results!

Everything that conspires on the outside begins on the inside.

With that said, if you adopt the traits of a BOLD CEO mindset, it’s only a matter of time before you start to become a BOLD CEO and experience the perks that come with being one (like major business growth)!


These Traits Set BOLD CEOs Apart from All Other CEOs


It doesn't matter whether you run an early-stage startup, have a large or small business, or are completely new to business leadership... Anyone can become a BOLD CEO!

If that is your goal, then focus on developing these 7 traits that define what makes a BOLD CEO, well, bold!

Not only do these traits set them apart from all other CEOs, but they make them the best ceos!

If you practice developing these traits, you will go from just a great CEO to a BOLD CEO!


How to Get a CEO Mindset


1. Vulnerability


When most people think about vulnerability, they would never attribute it to a successful CEO or entrepreneur.  Because, most people see vulnerability as a weakness rather than a strength.

Not only that, but most people would be even less likely to attribute vulnerability to someone who is considered to be bold!

Well, most people are sadly mistaken!

The primary trait that sets a BOLD CEO mindset apart from that of just a regular or good CEO mindset is that they are not afraid to be vulnerable.

A CEO is vulnerable when they are not afraid to put themselves out on the line, even if they don’t know what lies ahead.  They are not afraid to expose themselves to potential threats that may uproot their beliefs or their business.

Moreover, vulnerability is strength and courage hidden in disguise! 

Think about it... Are most CEOs strong enough to throw themselves into the thick of it while unsure of what the outcome will be? Probably not.

Why vulnerability, though?  Why is it so important to the BOLD CEO mindset?

When a CEO is vulnerable, it shows that they not only have super-human strength, but it also shows that they are:

  1. Open to learning
  2. Relatable human beings
  3. Very humbled

First off, BOLD CEOs aren't afraid to be vulnerable because they know that it helps them learn and grow.  When they willingly open themselves up to challenges, criticism, and judgment, they learn a lot about themselves and their business.

As a result, vulnerability equips BOLD CEOs with a kind of knowledge that only experience could possibly teach.

Second, vulnerability exposes the human-ness of BOLD CEOs.  It shows that they're not putting on some type of a show to portray themselves as above others or super-human.

Subsequently, BOLD CEOs tend to have better relationships with their clients and team members.

Lastly, vulnerability humbles the BOLD CEO.  It shows that they’re not only willing to open themselves up to criticism, but that they are humble enough to receive it.

They don't see themselves as better or worse than anyone else, just because they are a business owner.  

You will know when you are talking with a BOLD CEO instead of just a regular CEO because they will carry this sense of humility with them!


2. Accountability


You will never hear a BOLD CEO saying something like "That's not my fault!" or "If only the prospect wasn't so difficult!".

Why?  Because BOLD CEOs are accountable for their:

  1. Actions
  2. Words
  3. Outcomes

First off, BOLD CEOs are accountable for their actions.  When they realize that they've made a wrong move in their business, they don't put the blame on anyone but themself.

Second, when BOLD CEOs say they are going to do something, they hold themselves accountable to it.  Moreover, their actions match their words.

Lastly and most importantly, BOLD CEOs hold themselves accountable to their outcomes! Unlike many regular CEOs, whatever happens, good or bad, they hold themselves responsible for it.

The thing is... Everyone wants to take credit for their positive outcomes, but never their negative ones.  People are that way because it makes them feel better to think that they weren’t the ones who messed up.  However, that way of thinking is simply a fallacy! 

Think of it like this: When you stand up and say "Yep, I'm responsible, I will do better next time." instead of "Who's fault is this?", you immediately empower yourself.  Because, if something is not your fault and completely out of your hands, then you are essentially a victim.

But, if you can take ownership of yourself, you can never be a victim because you have the power over what happens in your life.

How do BOLD CEOs stay so cool about accountability when it's so hard to own up to mistakes?

In short: High-performing BOLD CEOs only try to control things that are within their control.  That type of mentality makes it way easier for them to own up to things, both good and bad.

With that said, if you want to become the kind of BOLD CEO that knows how to take accountability when it’s due, start by only focusing on the things that are in your control.  Leave the rest up to somebody else. 

Remember, everyone wants to take credit for their positive outcomes, but never the negative!  Are you going to be the kind of CEO that empowers themself by taking accountability for everything?


CEO Skill Set


3. Service-Orientation


Straight-up: BOLD CEOs aren't focused on themselves.

From the moment they open their start-up to the point that their business hits the heights of success, they are not thinking about what they want.


Because BOLD CEOs know that business success lies at the feet of their customers.  More specifically, business success is determined by how effectively they serve their customers’ needs.

Therefore instead of doing things that make them feel good, BOLD CEOs aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone if it means better serving their customers.

And, they do so in a couple of ways, including:

  1. Being assertive
  2. Building relationships

First off, assertiveness isn't the first thing most people think about when they think of service.  On one hand, service is seen in a positive light, while assertiveness is seen as negative.  

However, both are positive, and BOLD CEOs use assertiveness in order to best serve clients!

Think of it this way: If you know something that could help solve your prospect’s problems and you don't assert it, aren't you not acting in their best interest?  

While it might seem somewhat harsh at first, assertiveness is sometimes the only way to get potential customers to see that you know how to solve their problems.  However, always keep in mind that assertiveness does not equal aggressiveness or forcefulness!

Second, BOLD CEOs aren't interested in just closing a deal and then walking away with their money.  Instead, they're focused on building long-term relationships with their prospects.

By doing so, they commit themselves to serving their prospects for as long as they possibly can.  As a result, the prospect gets better service for longer AND the BOLD CEO gets the perks of having a lifelong business relationship

BOLD CEOs know that the only way to build a successful business is to focus on customer success first.  Because, when they give as much as they can to others, they maximize what they can receive in return.


4. Courage


Like we already mentioned above, having vulnerability in itself takes a significant amount of courage.  Putting yourself out there takes a lot of guts.

Not only do BOLD CEOs have the courage to be vulnerable, but they also have the courage to:

  1. Take risks; and
  2. Lead their business in their own way.

BOLD CEOs know that if they want to take their business to the next level, there has to be some level of risk involved.  Not only do they accept risks, but they embrace them!

While every good leader, including BOLD CEOs, have at least some fear of taking risks, it's the BOLD CEO who finds a way to transmute that energy into something positive.  

For example, instead of thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong, they're focused on everything that could go right!  And, if things don't turn out the way they were hoping, they're accountable for it.

Additionally, BOLD CEOs take the risk of leading their business in a direction that nobody else has gone before.  They do so because they know that, in order to make the greatest impact on people, they have to disrupt working norms.

Because BOLD CEOs are all about service, they know that they will have to take certain leaps in order to best serve their customers.  For them, if they know that what they will do will make a positive impact, then they go for it!

BOLD CEOs know that daring to do so is the only way they will ever find out if they will reach success or not.  Therefore, BOLD CEOs are some of the most courageous of them all.


How do CEOs Think?


5. Discovery


The entire premise of the BOLD CEO's business strategy is discovery.

By discovery, we mean discovering how they can best serve their prospects.

Discover and then serve - that's the job of the BOLD CEO!

Instead of letting their own biases define what they do, they look to what their prospect's needs are and focus on serving that up.

Because they are focused on discovery, BOLD CEOs never have to force their business solutions on anyone!  This is particularly beneficial for them when it comes to making more sales and growing their business

Think of it this way... Let's say that you have a friend over and they tell you that they are hungry.  You ask what they like, don't like, and what would make them feel the best right now.  Then, when you get the food that you believe fits their wants and needs, do you force it upon them?  Of course not.  Instead, you simply need to offer it.  In the end, your friend is satisfied, and you are happy knowing that you helped them.

As simple as it sounds, this exact scenario is the basic premise of the BOLD CEO's strategy, particularly their sales strategy.  

In the game of business success, simply discovering what prospects want and then giving it to them is it!

When you get to the point where your business and sales strategy is based on pure discovery, then you will be on the level of a BOLD CEO.


6. Flexibility


Being a CEO in general is never an easy task.

But, what adds an extra layer of difficulty to being a BOLD CEO is that they are constantly striving to be better.

As a result, it's common for them to make changes, whether it be to their mindset or business strategy, in order to improve.

With that said, BOLD CEOs are highly flexible.  More specifically, BOLD CEOs aren't married to their typical way of doing things because they always want to be improving!

When they see that something is off in their own business, they aren't afraid to call it out and make any necessary changes.

One of the biggest mistakes that regular CEOs make is thinking that changing things up is a sign of weakness.  They think that it's a sign of not having strong beliefs.

However, there is a difference between holding tight to your beliefs and not being willing to change them when faced with evidence that the belief could be wrong.  Or, that going in a different direction would be beneficial.

BOLD CEOs are able to call out that difference!

For example, BOLD CEOs are the kinds of CEOs who looked at the outcome of the recent pandemic and allowed their business structure to change if they saw obvious signs that it would be beneficial to them and their team.

Furthermore, BOLD CEOs are not married to their beliefs.  When they see that it's time for a change, they aren't afraid to make it for the betterment of everyone.


What a CEO Should Focus On


7. Happiness


Last but certainly not least, BOLD CEOs are happy CEOs!

While they certainly face their fair share of challenges and uphill battles, that doesn't mean that they aren't happy.

But, how do BOLD CEOs maintain a happy mindset, especially during hard times?

The secret happiness sauce lies in learning to love the climb just as much as the summit.  Moreover, it lies in learning to love the process just as much as the end result.

BOLD CEOs realize that the majority of their time is spent in the process.  The summit lasts for a brief moment or two, and then it ends shortly thereafter.

Because of this, they know that, if they're in a constant fight with themselves throughout the process, it isn't worth it!  If they have to show up to work everyday and hate it, then it isn't worth staying in the game because the summit is so brief.

You will know that a CEO is truly happy when they can say these three things:

  1. I would do what I am doing now even if I had other options
  2. I am being my authentic self
  3. I am doing the things that I want to be remembered for

First off, BOLD CEOs do what they do because they want to do it, not because they feel like they are being forced to.  They know that, if they're showing up to work everyday hating their life, that they're less like a boss and more like an employee!

Furthermore, BOLD CEOs do what they do out of their own free will, not because they think it's what others or society wants them to do.

Second, BOLD CEOs can say that they are being their authentic selves at work.  While they are always striving to do better, that doesn't mean that they sacrifice their personality, values, or dreams in the process.

Lastly, ask yourself the question... "What do I want to be remembered for?".

Do you have an answer?

Every BOLD CEO knows what legacy they want to leave behind, and they put in the work everyday to make that legacy become a future reality.

Whether it's to be a role model for their kids, inspire the next generation, or build the most innovative company in their market, BOLD CEOs can tell you right off the bat what they want to be remembered for AND that they are working towards it.

Being bold isn't always easy, but the challenge of it doesn't make a BOLD CEO unhappy!


Final Thoughts on the BOLD CEO Mindset


Bold CEOs represent the new generation of up and coming CEOs.

They're personal yet professional, they showcase superhuman courage yet are relatable, they challenge themselves yet they are extremely happy... and that's just scratching the surface.

Want to be a part of this new generation of CEOs that are currently disrupting the status quo?  It all lies in your hands!

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