7 Daily Habits To Program Business Growth

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Feb 3, 2022

Your daily habits are the closest thing you have to a button that, when pressed, can automatically kickstart business growth!

Literally, your daily habits can either hardwire growth or completely undo all of the hard work you put in everyday.

Growth is not created by hard work and good ideas.  Rather, it's created through consistency!  Better yet, it's created through automatic habits that CEOs and business leaders do to program growth on a daily basis.

To help you make business growth automatic, we're sharing 7 daily habits that'll hardwire solid and sustainable growth.  Not only will these habits kickstart and sustain growth, but they'll also make you and your entire business better.

Here is exactly how to effectively program business growth with simple, daily habits:


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Building and Sustaining Growth Comes Down to Your Habits


You can be the hardest-working business owner ever, but when it comes to company growth, it doesn't really matter!

What does matter though is if you're consistent with your hard work.  Hard work without consistency in meaningless.  

To put it more simply, what really matters is if you, the CEO of your company, are consistent with habits that ignite business growth!

What kinds of habits ignite growth?

At the end of the day, a business is a reflection of it's CEO.  Therefore, habits that take growth to the next level are habits that you yourself practice on a daily basis.  When you are on top of your business game, it will reflect in your growth results.

Don't believe it?

Think of it like this... Let's say that you have a terrible habit of thinking negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities as a CEO.  Since you call the shots in your company, that habitual, low-level thinking will eventually manifest in poor business results.

On the other hand, let's say that you have the habit of waking up everyday and repeating positive affirmations to yourself.  Overtime, those positive thoughts will lead you to take positive actions that lead to high-level growth.

Hard work without consistency it meaningless.  If you want to build and sustain growth, then habits are key.


7 Daily Habits to Hit and Sustain a Growth Stage


You don't create your life, but you do create your habits, and your habits create your life!

That being said, if you're growing a business, success is a matter of being consistent with your growth-related habits!

So without further ado, if you want to make business growth automatic, then program these 7 habits into your daily life.

The 7 daily habits can be summed up like this:

  1. Read your conclusion and strategy aloud
  2. Set daily goals based on energy input
  3. Journal your feelings
  4. Share your client's social media content
  5. Connect with your CEO coach
  6. Monitor your growth progress
  7. Do a brain dump of your thoughts

It doesn't matter how hard you work if you aren't consistent with it (AKA, stick to your habits)! 

At the end of the day, as the CEO of your company, your growth-related habits will determine whether or not you achieve sustainable, high-level company growth.  Are you doing what it takes?


1. Read Your Conclusion & Business Growth Strategy Aloud


Every entrepreneur starts a business in order to bring a vision to life.  They have a vision for a better world, and they set out to manifest it by starting a new business or growing their existing one.

A vision is better known as a conclusion.  The reason we call it a conclusion is because it's the ultimate end result that you're trying to create through your business.  And, manifesting that conclusion comes through selling your specific product or service.

Moreover, the conclusion is the vision in your head that you want to turn into reality.  The way that you bring it to life is through a specific channel, AKA your product or service.  The path to selling that deliverable is outlined in your growth strategy.

That being said, your conclusion is central to your entire business!  Without a clear and concise conclusion, you're unlikely to achieve any sustainable, long-term growth.  Sure, you might sell your deliverable for a while, but it's not sustainable without a conclusion.

Therefore, commit to waking up every morning and reading your conclusion and business growth strategy aloud.  The more times you read them aloud, the clearer the conclusion and the path to manifesting it becomes.


Get Obsessed With Your Conclusion


Reading your conclusion aloud everyday clarifies the vision of it in your head.  The more you repeat it aloud to yourself, the clearer it becomes.

And, you want to make the vision of the conclusion as clear as possible!

By as clear as possible, we mean that the vision of the conclusion in your head should be so clear that just thinking about it feels like reality.

The clearer your conclusion is in your head, the better it manifests in real life.


Make Any Necessary Adjustments to Your Growth Strategy


Your growth strategy is the outline or blueprint of how you're going to manifest the conclusion in reality.

As you clarify your conclusion, your growth strategy will naturally evolve.

And with that being said, make any necessary adjustments to your strategy during the process of clarifying the conclusion and bringing it to life.

The truth is that your strategy will certainly change throughout the growth process, so you shouldn't be afraid to adjust it as needed!  Make the adjustments where needed to effectively manifest your conclusion.


2. Follow Energy-Based Goals


So, you've got your conclusion and growth strategy outlined... Now, how do you bring the conclusion to life through the methods outlined in the strategy?

Simple: By creating short and long-term business plans.  In those plans, you should outline goals.  Over time, accomplishing the goals satisfies the business plans to fulfill the growth strategy and ultimate conclusion.

Therefore, before kicking your workday off, have a look at your goals for the day and write them down.  Research shows that if you write down a goal, you're 42% more likely to achieve it!

But most importantly, don't just write down the goal and put a little check box next to it... Additionally, ask yourself whether or not the amount of energy it takes to accomplish the goal is realistic for a single day.

If not, then spread the goal out over several days!  When it comes to setting daily goals, the most important thing is to set them based on how much energy it takes to complete them.


Set Goals Based On Energy Input


Goal-setting is nothing new.  In fact, there's a good chance that you've already got loads of goals outlined for both the long and short term.  However, even the most dedicated entrepreneurs frequently default on their daily goals.


For two reasons, including:

  1. They inflate the importance of goal-setting
  2. They underestimate how much energy it takes to accomplish a goal

First off, many entrepreneurs believe that goal-setting is the most important thing to making their business grow.  However, that is not true!  What is most important is refining and clarifying your conclusion to craft the overall experience of your business.  Goals are just a means to an end!

Second and most importantly, the reason why even the most successful business owners don't achieve their goals is because they grossly underestimate how much energy it takes to accomplish them.  

For example, they set a goal for the day thinking that they can easily get it done, but they eventually realize that it will take much more energy to accomplish than what they first estimated.  In the end, they feel like they’ve failed when they don’t check the daily goal box.

That being said, before you set a goal, estimate how much energy it will take you to accomplish it.  As a result, you will set more realistic goals and won't get that feeling of failure when you don't accomplish what you set out to do.

Before you start working each day, know exactly what you want to have accomplished as outlined in your energy-based goals!


3. Check Your Enthusiasm


When you wake up in the morning, do you feel a sense of purpose in getting up and doing your work?

Because, if you're not waking up in the morning and saying, 'Yes, I'm enthusiastic about what I do...', then what are you really doing trying to grow a business?  

Is it really worth waking up everyday and putting in the work when you're not feeling fulfilled?  Truthfully… If you’re not enthusiastic about growing your company, then the struggle probably isn't worth it.

Yes... Regardless of whether you're a 9-5 worker or running a business, it's never fun to get out of a warm bed and step into the cold!

BUT, the difference between the traditional 9-5er and the business owner is that the owner's sense of enthusiasm outweighs the dred of getting out of bed.

Therefore, make it a point to wake up every morning and become conscious of your level of enthusiasm. The easiest and most effective way to do that is to journal your feelings!

From now on, make it a point to wake up every morning and spend just 5 minutes writing down your thoughts and feelings.  Then overtime, look back on your journaling to:

  1. Adjust your business growth path to a way that makes you feel the most fulfilled; and
  2. Use the journal as a motivational tool during challenging times.

At the end of the day, the entrepreneurs who achieve next-level growth are the ones who feel most fulfilled growing their business.  Are you a part of that league?


If You’re Not Enthusiastic, Then What Are You Doing?


Here's the thing: Running a growing business is awesome.  BUT, it does come with it's fair share of challenges and stressors.  

So, if you aren't finding fulfillment in growing your business, then overcoming those daily challenges and stressors probably isn't worth it.

To put it more simply... Unless you're enthusiastic about the conclusion of your business and growing it, then the challenges aren't worth it.  Eventually you will crack, which is why it's so important to monitor how you feel during the growth process. 

Our time here on earth is limited... So you must ask yourself whether or not you're feeling fulfilled doing what you're doing.  If accomplishing business goals requires you to sacrifice your own fulfillment, then you're on the wrong growth path.


Personal and Business Fulfillment Overlap


Owners of the most successful growing businesses understand that life is business and business is life.  There is no such thing as boxing your personal life here and boxing your business life there!

Yes... You should be able to go home at the end of the day and focus on yourself and your family without simultaneously thinking about business growth plans…

However, what we are saying is that you can't be miserable during the entrepreneurship process and expect it not to ruin the rest of your life.  

Moreover, you can't be miserable in business and expect to be happy in other areas of your life!

Therefore, in order to live a completely fulfilled life, you must be fulfilled during the business growth process.  If you're miserable growing your business, you will certainly be miserable in your personal life.


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4. Click Share on Social Media


If there was one simple, no-nonsense growth tactic to ignite growth in less than one minute, it's simply sharing your current customer's content on LinkedIn!

Here's how it works: Every morning, go through your LinkedIn page and pick out a piece content from a current or old customer.  Then, share it to your own audience while adding a caption to it regarding how happy you are to see your customer doing so well!

Seriously... Whether you want to increase market penetration in your current market or pick up customers in a new market, all you need to do is share and caption a piece of social media content.

Here's why it's such an effective growth tactic:


Build Strong Bonds With Existing and New Customers


What makes simply sharing and captioning a piece of social media content such an effective growth tactic?

It's highly effective for three key reasons, including:

  1. It helps solidify relationships with current customers
  2. It shows other potential new customers that you're great at what you do
  3. FOMO

First off, by sharing your customer's content, you're showing them that you care about their success.  They'll feel like you care about them, and be excited that you're sharing their success with the rest of the world.  As a result, your relationship with them will grow stronger!

Second, by sharing your current customer's content, you're showing other potential customers that you genuinely care about the success of your clients.  Showing that you genuinely care gives a signal that you're an ideal partner to form a strong business relationship with.

Lastly, sharing your current customer's success builds a sense of FOMO in potential customers.  They'll see that your existing customer base is thriving and want a piece of that success too!  Soon enough, they'll be sliding into your DMs wanting to work with you.

Make it a habit everyday to share your client's social media content!  It takes less than one minute but can make the biggest difference in your growth results.


5. Connect With Your CEO Coach


At the end of each day, connect with your CEO coach to talk about the three main pieces of your business growth equation, including the:

  1. Conclusion
  2. Growth strategy
  3. Daily goals

The hard truth about growth is that you can't accomplish it alone.  Sure, you can make it going solo for a while, but eventually things will fall through.

And not only that, but to make the greatest impact on the world possible, you need more people to be in on the mission.  Hence, why you need top-tier teammates like a CEO coach on your side!

If you can't connect with your coach at the end of each day, then make it a priority to connect with them once per week at an absolute minimum.


Get the Inside Expertise You Need


Straight-up: There is no better person in the world to help you grow your business than a CEO coach.


Because, a CEO coach is either a current or former CEO of a successful business themselves, therefore they help and give you advice based on direct experience.  And not just any kind of experience, but experience from standing in your exact shoes before!

Therefore, they know exactly what it takes to help you make the most out of your conclusion, strategy, and goals, to grow your business to the absolute max.


6. Monitor Growth Metrics


What isn't measured isn't managed.  if you're moving through the growth process and not measuring your progress, how do you expect to manage it?  That's like studying for an exam without ever testing yourself to see if you're ready!

At the end of each day, sit down and assess your progress.  Choose numerical growth metrics that paint an accurate picture of your progress.

For example, if you're currently executing a plan to increase your current market share, track the number of new customers added to your base each week.  Or, if you're selling new products to your existing customer base, track week-to-week sales growth.  

Regardless of what type of growth you're going for, your metrics will likely be based on sales growth.  Because, at the end of the day, sales is at the heart of all business growth!

By taking a moment each day to sit back and reflect on progress, you gain new insights on how to keep the momentum going and boost motivation.


Monitor Personal and Professional Progress


Never forget that a business is a reflection of its CEO!   

Therefore as the CEO of your company, you must be on top of your personal growth metrics just as much as you are your business growth metrics.  Because at the end of the day, your personal achievements will reflect in your business achievements.

In terms of the personal growth metrics you should be tracking, choose ones that reflect your personal well-being.  Whether it be spending more time with loved ones or upping your jogging PR, pick metrics that reflect your personal wins!

The more you personally grow, the more your business grows right along with you.


Return to Square One


Are your metrics showing you that growth isn't necessarily going as you want it to?  Perhaps sales within your new target market are not getting up to speed as anticipated?

No problem... It's simple to shift your business model and make other strategic planning changes when you're monitoring your growth metrics on a daily basis. 

While it might sting a little bit to have to return to the drawing board and make changes in the short term, it's better than failing in the long-term.  Don’t ignore clear signs that things aren’t going well in the short term, or you risk long-term disaster!


What is important for business growth?


7. Do a Brain Dump of the Day


How many times has something like this happened to you before: You sit down with your team members trying to come up with ideas for product development.  While everyone on your team is dedicated to development, nobody is getting those breakthrough ideas necessary to kickstart growth.  But then when you go home at the end of the day and are peacefully having dinner, all of a sudden the ideas you wished would have come up during the meeting start to flow!

More often than not, our most genius ideas come at the least genius times.  For example, you're more likely to get the breakthrough idea you've been looking for while out on a peaceful walk than when you're sitting at your desk in a cold office building. 

Sound familiar?

That being said, you need to be ready at all times to write down your business idea breakthroughs.  Prepare yourself for those moments by making it a habit to carry around a notebook solely for the purpose of writing your ideas down.

Get in the habit of carrying the notebook with you at all times so that you never miss out on a genius idea popping into your head.  Write every little idea that comes to your mind down on the paper.


Write Everything Down


At the end of each day, sit down with your notebook and pen to do a brain dump of all of your thoughts.

Literally, whatever you're thinking and feeling, write it down!

Let your ideas flow naturally... If you don't have anything to write, then don't force yourself to write.  On the other hand, if you have an idea boiling over in your head, simply do your best to put it into words.

While your day-to-day brain dumps might at first seem like pointless chicken scratch, you will realize overtime that those brain dumps are like business growth gold.  Who knows… they might even turn into the outline of your master plans for bringing your conclusion to life.


Final Thoughts on Programming Company Growth With Daily Habits


It doesn't matter if you run a startup or mature business, it's always the right time to integrate these 7 habits into your daily routine.

Remember, growth isn't a matter of hard work, it's a matter of consistency.  And, the best way to be consistently consistent is to pick up the right habits!

With habits, you can simply automate growth...Are you programming business growth like you should?

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