Why Beginner Salespeople Beat the Most Experienced Sales Pros

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Aug 22, 2022

No, it is not your imagination: Beginner salespeople cream experienced sales pros all the time.

Specifically, they close more sales deals in less time and with less pushback from prospects.

And, no, it is not a matter of luck!  There are legitimate reasons why beginners often topple experienced sales pros.

In fact, experienced salespeople who find themselves struggling to get by (as most do) should take notes from beginners.

I am sharing why beginner salespeople often cream the most experienced sales pros.  

More importantly, I am sharing how to implement the tactics beginners use to:

  • Captivate ideal prospects
  • Close sales deals in a matter of days or weeks
  • Establish long-lasting customer relationships

Begginnership is a superpower.  Here is why beginner salespeople cream the most experienced sales pros and how to harness the power of beginnership to achieve greater success.


Many Experienced Sales Pros Lose Their Mojo


Many of the most experienced salespeople understand the feeling of killing it, only to wake up one day and feel like their mojo disappeared.

They go from regularly closing sales deals to feeling like opportunities are drying up.  

Or, they start seeing competitors steal prospects right in front of their eyes.

As a result, they feel afraid, take action out of emotion, and conditions only get worse.

Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, the beginner salespeople who are supposed to look up to them are dominating!

Here is what I mean when I say experienced salespeople lose their mojo:


Prospects Stop Taking Their Cold Calls

First, prospects stop taking their cold calls.

Before losing their mojo, they would get prospects to stay on the initial cold call to the end of the conversation.

By the end, they could get the prospect to agree to a formal discovery meeting.

These days, prospects pick up the phone and slam it down before the sales pro has the chance to finish a sentence.

That said, experienced sales pros go from prospects making time for them on the phone to not wanting anything to do with them.


Prospects Are Always Ghosting Them

Second, many experienced sales pros get ghosted by prospects on the regular.

Is there anything worse than getting ghosted in sales?

Is there anything worse than following up with a prospect only for them to suddenly fall off the face of the earth without an explanation?

Anybody who has been there understands what I mean.

You would think experienced sales pros know how to avoid getting ghosted by potential customers…


Ultimately, They Lose More Deals Than They Win

Thanks to many prospects never giving them the time of day and even more ghosting them (in addition to countless other problems), experienced salespeople lose more deals than they win.

When they do close deals, it is such a struggle they feel like they are pulling teeth.

Meanwhile, beginner salespeople fly past them, closing deals right and left.

Unfortunately for the experienced salesperson, they know that hitting the wall in sales is a big deal.

They understand that sales success = business success, and you cannot have success in sales if you cannot close deals consistently.


They Feel Miserable Throughout the Process

Perhaps the worst part is experienced salespeople feel frustrated and anxious throughout the sales process.

Feeling this way certainly does not help improve their situation!

Here is the thing: Sales is challenging.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is fooling you.

While sales is challenging, that does not mean you should be miserable.

Feeling miserable is simply a sign you need to change.

I suggest making changes now before you feel even worse.  The longer you feel bad, the more likely you will begin taking actions based on emotion.

NOTHING good ever happens when you act out of emotion!

Stop and make changes before digging yourself into a deeper hole.


Beginners Possess the 3 Most Powerful Tools In the Sales Game


Beginners have a distinct advantage in sales because they naturally possess the three most powerful tools in the sales game.

The tools include:

  1. Action
  2. Energy
  3. Fearlessness

Almost every sales pro possesses these tools at the beginning of their career only to drop them as they get deeper into the sales game.

Now, they are suffering the consequences of dropping them.

Furthermore, here is why being a beginner in the sales game is as advantageous as it gets.



First, newbies to the sales game do not know how to play it.

They have no idea how to create a sales strategy or build a sales process, among other things.

Essentially, beginners are kind of, well, stupid!

Think stupidity is a disadvantage?  Think again.

Not knowing how to play the sales game means that newbie salespeople can only do what they know how to do: take action.

For example, beginner salespeople know they need to contact prospects via cold calls but have no idea how to build a lead generation process.

Therefore, they wing it!  They simply pick up the phone and start making calls even when they do not really know what they are doing.

As a result, they take more action than experienced sales pros who spend unnecessary time trying to perfect things before taking action.

Ultimately, taking action matters more than being perfect, and beginners take more action than everyone else because that is all they know.



Second, many experienced salespeople talk to prospects as if they hate their lives.

For example, they make a cold call and sound like they would rather eat dirt than be talking to prospects.

Moreover, experienced salespeople often bring negative energy to the sales process.  They usually do not realize they are doing it.

Because of this, they make terrible first impressions on prospects.  As much as nobody wants to admit it, first impressions are crucial in sales.

On the other hand, beginner salespeople enter the sales process with enthusiasm.

Are they nervous?  Sure, but that nervousness transforms into enthusiasm once they take action.

Because newbies bring positive energy to the sales process, they:

It is as if beginners have a magnet attracting prospects to them!

Moreover, newbie salespeople have an infectious positive energy that helps them make a killer first impression and captivate prospects.



Finally, beginners are fearless.

Being fearless in any pursuit is the #1 advantage you can have.


Because the less afraid you are, the more action you take and the less concerned you are about how others think of you.

That said, beginner salespeople are fearless because they are not conditioned to the ridiculous social norms governing the sales world.

Social norms are sets of unspoken rules that salespeople follow, no matter how ridiculous they are.  

Only experienced salespeople follow the social norms because newbie sales reps do not know the rules.

For example, one social norm in sales is that you should not follow up with prospects every 24 hours because it makes you look desperate.

Because no salesperson wants to look desperate, they do not follow up every 24 hours, even though it’s crucial for sales success!

On the other hand, beginner salespeople do not know the social norm, so they follow up as often as it takes to get a response.

The bottom line is that newbie salespeople are not conditioned to social norms. Therefore, they are fearless.


How to Harness the Power of Beginnership to Dominate in Sales


Do not allow another newbie salesperson to cream you at your own game!

Harness the power of beginnership to dominate the sales game once again.

It is not a matter of doing something you have never done before.  Instead, it is a matter of reclaiming the tools you once held as a beginner but eventually dropped.

You will dominate the sales game if you return to the basics of action, energy, and fearlessness.

Here is how to do just that:


Stop Waiting Until You Feel Motivated to Get Moving

First, you need to take action immediately.

Stop waiting until your sales strategy and processes are perfect to start.

Most importantly, do not wait until you feel motivated to get moving!

Too many sales pros do not take action unless they feel motivated.  They believe feeling motivated is necessary to take action.

However, waiting until you feel motivated to do something means you are living according to your feelings.

Acting or not acting according to how you feel never does you well!  You have to take action even when you do not feel like it.

While you are waiting to take action, the newbies are out there wiping the floor with your motivation.


Knock on Doors You Feel Awkward Knocking On

As I said, newbie salespeople are unaware of the stupid unspoken rules of the sales game.

One rule most experienced salespeople follow is do not go knocking on doors of people highest on the food chain.

Specifically, do not make cold calls to people highest on the chain of command at target companies.  The person highest up is usually the CEO.

Why does this rule exist?  There is a misconception that knocking on a CEO’s door is rude.  Additionally, some people think the CEO is so out of reach there is no point in trying.

However, salespeople SHOULD go knocking on doors of people highest on the food chain because those people have decision-making authority.

Beginners oblivious to this social rule have no problem knocking on the doors of CEOs and other decision-makers.

As a result, they close more deals in less time and gain the respect of people on the highest levels.

That said, start knocking on doors you feel awkward knocking on.  Do not be afraid to talk to people who seem out of reach.


Keep Knocking Until You Get a Response

Once you start knocking on doors, keep knocking until you get a response!

I mean, keep following up with target prospects until they answer.  Also, follow up at least every 24 hours.

Another unspoken rule of the sales game is do not follow up with prospects ‘too’ frequently.

Specifically, do not follow-up everyday.  Instead, take a few days between each call.

This rule exists because some believe frequent following up makes you look desperate.  If you look desperate, prospects will not want to work with you.

However, this rule is bogus!  Prospects DO NOT see follow-up messages and think you are desperate.

Therefore, follow up until you get a response!  Of course, follow up at least every 24 hours by phone.

Again, prospects DO NOT see your follow-up messages and think you are desperate.  In fact, they see your persistence and respect you for it.


Have the Energy of a Person on a Caffeine High

From now on, enter the sales process with as much energy as somebody on a caffeine high.

But Brian, I barely have enough energy to answer my emails!

Fake it.  Pretend you feel energetic until you feel it for real.

Beginner salespeople captivate prospects by enthralling them with enthusiastic energy.

Even though they are nervous, they are enthusiastic about helping others, and it shows.

You are always radiating energy, whether you know it or not.

Unfortunately, most experienced salespeople radiate negative energy.  Radiating negative energy makes prospects want nothing to do with you.

If this sounds like you, you must fake energy until you feel it for real.

Over time, pretending you are energetic will make you energetic in reality.  Eventually, you will captivate prospects like newbies do.

Never forget that your energy is infectious.  You want to radiate as much positive energy as possible to enthrall prospects like never before.


Show the Curiosity of a Child

Newbie salespeople are like children: They are constantly curious.  Because of this, they ask a lot of questions.

Why is this like that?  Why do you do things this way? Why, why, why?

The more questions they ask, the more they make the sales process about the customer (as it is supposed to be).

On the flip side, many experienced salespeople make the sales process all about themselves.

Instead of asking questions, they tell, forgetting that prospects do not care about what they have to say.

Prospects only care about getting problems solved, but it is impossible to discuss pain points when all the salesperson does is talk about themself.

From now on, ask questions 90% of the time and talk 10% of the time.

What kinds of questions should you be asking?

I suggest asking questions about their business vision.

Nothing makes prospects more excited than a chance to talk about their vision!

Think of yourself as a child who wants to know everything there is to know about a prospect.


Final Thoughts on Harnessing the Power of Beinginnership In Sales


Contrary to popular belief, being a beginner in sales is an advantage.

Beginners need not worry about more experienced salespeople overshadowing them.

Instead, it should be the other way around!

That said, harness the powers beginners use to dominate the sales game.  You do not need to be a beginner to dominate like one.

Take more action, exude killer energy, be fearless, and you will be on top of the sales game.

Not only will you be on top of the sales game, but your business will thrive more than ever.

Never underestimate the power of beginnership.

Win more deals. Grow your business.

Get more prospects, more sales, and higher-paying clients fast, so you can take your business to the next level.

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