Why Some Salespeople Attract Prospects & Others Repel Them

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Aug 23, 2022

Do you know those salespeople who seemingly naturally attract prospects as if they have magnetic powers?  Yeah, you can be one of them, too!

Most sales professionals do the opposite of attracting potential customers.

Instead of attracting and captivating prospects, they repel them.

Are you the kind of sales pro who completely captivates customers?  Or, do customers hear your voice or see your face and immediately tune out?

I am sharing why some salespeople attract customers while others repel them.

More importantly, I am sharing how you can become a captivating salesperson whom prospects naturally gravitate towards to make more sales in less time than ever.

So, are you a prospect magnet or a prospect repeller?


Most Salespeople Are Prospect Repellers


Salespeople fall into one of two categories:

  1. Prospect magnet
  2. Prospect repeller

I am usually not a fan of generalizations. However, this one is accurate!

The hard truth is that most salespeople repel prospects instead of attracting them.

So, in which category do you belong?

Here are three clear signs you are a prospect repeller.

If one or more of these signs resonate with you, there is a good chance you are more of a repeller and less of a magnet.


They Make Cold Calls, and Prospects Immediately Hang Up

The first sign of being a prospect repeller is making cold calls and getting hung up on seconds into the conversation.

Few things are more painful in sales than prospects hanging up before you even say your name.

Making successful cold calls is an essential piece of the sales equation.  You cannot fill your pipeline with leads if prospects never give you the time of day.

In the end, you will never close a single deal if you cannot fill a pipeline with leads!


Getting Prospect Ghosted Is Nothing Unusual

Second, prospect repellers get ghosted by potential customers daily.

Is there anything worse than getting ghosted in sales?  

Especially after putting countless hours into formulating the perfect sales pitch only for the prospect to fall off the face of the earth!

Because of this, they:

Again, there is almost nothing worse than constantly getting ghosted!


Being Hit by Objections Is an Everyday Experience

How often do you get hit with objections like I can get this for cheaper elsewhere or This is not what we really need

Yeah, prospect repellers get hit with objections as if they were playing dodgeball.

The worst part is most objections hold zero ground.  

It often feels like prospects are making objections because they want to be difficult for the salesperson!

As a result:

  • The sales process comes to a screeching halt; and
  • Salespeople lose the prospect’s respect.

In addition to getting hit with objections, prospects constantly ask repellers to negotiate price.

In many cases, the salesperson gives into the negotiation out of fear they will lose the prospect, even when they cannot afford to negotiate.


Some Salespeople Seemingly Attract Customers Without Trying


Everybody knows a salesperson who has prospects virtually running into their arms!

On the surface, these mystical salespeople appear to attract customers without even trying.

Sure, they are making cold calls and sales pitches like everybody else.  

However, something about how they sell captivates prospects as if magic is in the air.

Here are four signs that somebody is a prospect magnet.  


Prospects Rarely Hang Up Their Cold Calls

First, prospects rarely hang up on cold calls coming from prospect magnets.


Something magical happens when the captivating salesperson starts talking: The way they talk makes them irresistible.

Because of this, hanging up is the last thing prospects think about doing!

Ultimately, the prospect magnet makes more successful cold calls to siphon more leads into the pipeline.

Magnets set themselves up for ultimate sales success beginning with the first phase of the sales process.


Prospects Never Resist the Sales Process

Second, prospects never disrupt the natural flow of the sales process when working with a prospect magnet.

Specifically, they do not:

  • Make ridiculous objections
  • Try to negotiate on price
  • Randomly ghost the salesperson

As a result, the prospect magnet closes more deals in less time with happier customers.

Best of all, the sales process shortens to a couple of days or weeks!

Yes- prospect magnets go from initial cold call to getting signatures on dotted lines in no more than a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, prospect repellers spend several weeks, if not months trying to close a couple of deals.


Customers Are More Satisfied Than Ever

Prospect magnets have the most satisfied customers.

Because they are satisfied, customers happily give the salesperson trust and power to execute according to their expertise.

The more satisfied customers are, the more likely you are to form solid customer relationships.

Solid B2B customer relationships are business assets!

Great relationships are assets because they generate:

  • Recurring revenue
  • Referrals for highly qualified leads
  • Social proof and other marketing opportunities

Having customer relationship assets is no different than investing in real estate: What you put in multiples several times over to give you a huge ROI.


The #1 Difference Between Attracting and Repelling B2B Customers


Believe it or not, there is only one significant difference between being a prospect magnet and a prospect repeller.

The difference between a prospect magnet and a repeller is energy.

Prospect magnets who captivate prospects radiate positive energy.

Meanwhile, prospect repellers who push prospects away radiate negative energy.

Moreover, the only difference between attracting and repelling prospects is the type of energy you radiate!

You can have the best sales strategy and processes, but they mean nothing unless you have killer energy.

That said, anybody can become a prospect magnet if they change their energy.


It Is All About the Energy

Energy is powerful because it impacts how you make people feel.  

How you make prospects feel ultimately determines if they move forward with the sale.

Maya Angelou once said, ‘People will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

You are ALWAYS radiating energy, and that energy is infectious.

If you radiate positivity, you will make others feel positive.

On the other hand, radiating negativity drags others down to your level.  

Do you think your prospects want to be enthralled by negative energy? Of course not. 

Furthermore, becoming a magnetic salesperson who naturally attracts prospects is about radiating positive energy.

Radiating positive energy → makes prospects feel fantastic → prospects gravitate towards you.


Captivating Salespeople Have an It’s-All-About-You Energy

Captivating salespeople have what I like to call it’s-all-about-you positive energy.

The it’s-all-about-you positive energy makes prospects not only feel great, but it makes them feel like they are the center of attention.

Believe it or not, most salespeople make the sales process all about themselves!

Instead of being all about the prospect and their needs, they are all about themselves and what they want.

The combination of making the process all about themselves plus negative energy has prospects running for the nearest exit!

Captivating salespeople who attract prospects like magnets make potential customers feel like they are the center of the universe.

Because of this, these salespeople are nearly irresistible!


How to Become That Captivating Sales Pro Who Attracts Customers


Here is how to go from being a prospect repeller to a prospect magnet!

Moreover, here is how you get prospects gravitating towards you instead of running away the second they sense your presence.

Becoming a magnet is about radiating a positive, it's-all-about-you type of energy.

You MUST radiate positive energy even when you are not feeling it.  Fake the energy until you feel it in reality!

Radiating this kind of energy DOES NOT take an insane amount of work.  If you feel like you are working ten times harder than before, you are doing it wrong.

That said, here is how to become the captivating sales pro who attracts customers like a magnet by radiating a positive, it’s-all-about-you energy.


Start With Over-the-Top Enthusiasm

The highest form of positive energy is enthusiasm.  

Therefore, you must radiate enthusiasm from the start of the sales process to attract customers like a magnet.

Convey enthusiasm through your tone of voice and body language.

The sad truth is that your prospects are probably dying for some enthusiasm in their life.

Like many business and sales pros, most prospects suffer under a near-constant cloud of:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fear

Shake up the potential customer’s world by bringing enthusiasm to the table! Your energy alone intrigues them.

The best part is radiating enthusiasm takes little to no effort. You do not need to change your processes or strategies at all: all you must do is change your energy by changing the quality of your thoughts.

Think positive thoughts → feel positive feelings → radiate enthusiasm → captivate prospects with enthusiastic energy.

Do not be afraid to go a little over-the-top with your enthusiasm. If you think you sound crazy, you are probably doing it right.


Ask the Deep Questions Right Away

Not only are prospects dying for positive energy, but they are also dying for somebody to hear them out.

They are tired of salespeople talking all about themselves instead of asking about what they want.

That said, be the person who gives prospects the floor to talk about their ideas and desires!

Enter the sales process and immediately start asking deep questions.

Specifically, ask the prospect questions about their business vision.

Nothing is more powerful than a business vision; the vision is the reason you start a business in the first place.  It is an entrepreneur’s purpose!  

Nothing gets prospects more excited than talking about that vision.

Therefore, get the prospect hyped by asking more in-depth questions than everyone else.  Make the sales process all about them.

Think of yourself as a curious child who will not stop asking questions.

Nothing captivates a prospect like an enthusiastic person who wants to know about their visions.


Mirror the Prospect’s Style

People naturally gravitate toward others who are similar to them.

It is no coincidence that successful people hang around other successful people!

That said, mirror elements of your prospect’s language and style to get them gravitating to you.

For example, try:

  • Copying phrases they use
  • Mirroring their body language
  • Mimicking their tone of voice

Eventually, prospects will begin to see pieces of themself in you, and they will like you for it.

Keep in mind that your enthusiasm should stay high while mirroring the prospect.

Yes, mirror their style, but do not do it at the expense of your positive energy.


Use the Word ‘I’ Sparingly

One minuscule adjustment that can make all the difference is avoiding using the word ‘I’.

Remember, the sales process is all about the customers, not you! Frequently using the word I negates this.

Instead of using phrases like ‘I think you should do this’ or ‘I believe this is the correct method’, try using ‘From years of experience….’

Again, avoiding ‘I’ is a subtle change that can make all the difference!


Sell the Outcome, Not the Solution

Finally and perhaps most importantly, sell prospects an outcome instead of a solution to a problem.

I mean, sell the prospect a pathway to their ultimate desired outcome. AKA, a strategy to achieve their business vision.

Here is where enthusiasm and being all about the prospect collide!

Selling a pathway to an outcome is about showing prospects how your deliverable will help manifest their vision better than any other option.

Again, this selling method is effective because it combines enthusiasm with being all about the prospect.

Prospect repellers try to sell solutions to pain points instead of pathways to outcomes.

By doing so, they make the selling process about themselves instead of the prospect and their vision.

As a result, enthusiasm drops to a low, and the prospect feels alienated.

Think of your product or service as the magic a prospect needs to reach their desired outcome.

Show prospects they need your deliverable more than anything to manifest their vision, and you will close deals with anybody you want.


Final Thoughts on How to Attract B2B Customers


Attracting prospects is not a matter of working harder.  It is a matter of changing your energy.

You are ALWAYS radiating energy, and that energy impacts the way you make prospects feel.

If you make prospects feel bad, you will always repel them, no matter what you say.

On the other hand, prospects will naturally gravitate towards you if you radiate positive energy.

That said, check your energy to start attracting customers like a magnet.  The more magnetic you become, the easier it will be to close more deals.

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