Sales Training Program: How to Choose the Best B2B Training

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Jul 29, 2021

It's not enough to have a sales process that works; it has to be backed up by salespeople who know how to execute. The best sales training program is designed to be executed in real-time and teach the skills they need, such as:

  • Sales psychology 
  • Deal closing 
  • Negotiation and sales cycles 
  • Lead generation and prospecting 
  • Thought leadership and delegation 

The best sales training program can help you achieve your goals of increasing sales, scaling your organization, and giving you back the time you deserve to focus on serving your customers and having the time you deserve to focus on what's important to you.

The Sales Training Secrets of Billion-Dollar Companies

The top business owners in the world understand that sales is a fundamental ingredient to success. A sales training program can teach business owners and salespeople how to execute, but it's not enough for sales leaders to just design and implement sales training programs; they have to make sure their people are executing and delivering results. The best leaders have a specific framework and playbook they enforce that helps them win more deals and drive business growth.

Sales training drives sales; sales training helps salespeople win more deals. The best sales leaders understand that a sales training program can double or triple your sales within six to twelve months when executed properly and consistently.

Best salespeople know how to make the numbers; they're committed to showing up every day and following through on their promises. The best sales executives set goals, create accountability structures, and determine what education people need to achieve results. 

They buy the right products for everyone on the team. It all starts with sales training – if you don't have a great sales training program, it doesn't matter how many high-performers you have on your team. They will eventually fail.

Why a Sales Training Program is Necessary for B2B Sales

In sales, the best salespeople are less interested in learning and more interested in results. The sales training process may seem one-way - an instructor who teaches from a lecture to a group of people. But great salespeople should expect their sales training to be interactive, utilizing real-life examples and insights that will help them close more deals.

A sales training program is ineffective if you or your sales reps take it in without getting any hands-on experience.

When leaders design sales training programs, it's easy to get caught up in sales theory without actually considering how best to deploy a program to impact daily results. If you want sales training to contribute positively toward increasing sales and scaling your organization, start with what people are trying to achieve and work backward from there to make sure the right goals are set and salespeople are getting the sales training they need to achieve them.

Or find a sales training program that will do this for you quickly.

Business owners who create sales training programs that drive business outcomes end up being thought of as sales geniuses. This is because they create sales training programs that focus on how people can best be deployed and generate results, instead of just sending sales reps off for a seminar or two each quarter to get "sales education" (which is rarely effective). 

Sales leaders understand that sales skills only become habits when sales reps execute consistently over time. That's why setting clear goals and identifying accountability structures around results are so important – because, without those things, it doesn't matter if you give your salespeople the best B2B sales training program; it won't help them deliver results.

Sales training program concept, a note with the words sales training placed on a table together with other company data and graphs.

What is the Best B2B Sales Training Program? 

Deal Flow Accelerator was designed to deliver tangible results for salespeople and business owners looking to close new deals and scale in real-time.

Deal Flow Accelerator is a sales growth 6-week sales acceleration program that focuses on the science and psychology of sales, including proven sales strategies from billionaire sales leaders. It will teach you:

1. Unlocking Sales Psychology 

Closing a deal or making a sale happens through human interaction. Your customers have different motivations and decision-making processes. As such, mastering sales psychology is critical because persuading others is a skill- and fortunately, one you can learn. We dive into sales psychology principles to help you generate leads and make sales. A few of these principles are:

The Liking Principle:

This principle explains people's motivation towards people that they like. In short, a person is more likely to do what you want if they like you. For B2B businesses, this means creating a rapport with your customers. Show interest in what they like, think about, or find interesting to create a shared level of trust. 


Reciprocity is a principle that holds that if a person does a nice thing for you, you're more likely to do nice things for them too. In business, reciprocity means being helpful. For example, you could provide promotions, offer free product samples, free trials, share informative blogs, or provide exceptional customer service.

Resistance to Change:

People generally don't 'fix' things unless they are broken.  As a business owner, you want to help the customer overcome the fear of making a new purchase and let go of the old product. However, you can learn how to flip the fear response over and help the customer identify what they'll be missing out on if they don't make a change. 

Fear of Rejection:

For many of your salespeople, the fear of rejection is their biggest obstacle. At The Deal Flow Accelerator, we teach your sales team how to overcome the fear of rejection and make the call or send the message to a prospect. 

Empathetic Listening:

Many salespeople get trapped in the cycle of "talking at" customers to make a sale instead of practicing active listening. With the Deal Flow Accelerator, your sales team learns how to ask the right questions, listen and respond correctly before making a sale. 

2. Finding Ideal Prospects 

The truth is that to generate more sales, you need more prospects. However, finding ideal leads is often challenging. With the Deal Flow Accelerator, we teach you how to find new prospects and expand your revenue pool. We do this by exploring critical elements such as: 

Lead Generation

When a person expresses interest in your business, they qualify as a lead. However, we recognize that not all websites qualify as leads- that era of marketing and sales is long behind us. Forcing your website visitors to sign up for mailing lists only pushes them to hit the unsubscribe button later on. 

If being pushy isn't an option, what is? We teach you how to find better sales-qualified leads by asking leads to join your business's contact list. For example, "Can we help you today?", "Would you like a consultation to find the right solution for your business?"

Lastly, we teach you and your sales team to reach out even when a lead isn't ready to subscribe to any of your services. How can you help them? No spamming potentially non-convertible leads with endless pop-ups and insulting CTAs- provide value and transform them in the future. 


Sales prospecting is a critical process where your salespeople identify leads and create opportunities for communication and a sale in the future. Consistency in sales prospecting helps you keep your sales pipeline active and avoid running out of leads. What's more, you can collect data that you can use to perform market research through sales prospecting. 

Outbound Campaigns 

Sales prospecting moves outside the available leads and utilize outbound tactics to generate more leads and sales. Instead of exclusively relying on inbound tactics, your sales and marketing teams can apply tactics such as cold emailing, cold calling, search ads, social media ads, and events.

Female coach giving a training program to a group of sales people in an office. 

3. The Wedge Strategy 

Many businesses offer resources for free as part of growing customer trust. For example, you can offer free assessments, free discovery, and free products so that your potential clients can consider you for pitching. However, you don't have to go through the discovery process without benefit. 

At the Wedge Strategy, we teach you how to overcome critical issues affecting your sales. 

  • Problem:

Your business struggles to close new deals and get new prospects because most of your current clients are referrals. Your prospecting strategy also lacks predictability and is unfruitful. 

Solution: With the Wedge strategy, you learn how to create a steady stream of prospects in your sales pipeline and create a predictable prospecting strategy. 

  • Problem:

Your business struggles to close deals and follow prospects around to close deals and boost our revenue. 

Solution: With the Wedge strategy, you learn how to shorten your sales cycle, stay in touch with a lead to keep the interest, and approach the leads with high purchase intent. You'll also learn how to prevent your prospects from ghosting you and allowing you to close deals on your terms. 

  • Problem:

You struggle to scale your business and still work hard to maintain your revenue. Also, you want to spend less time on your business and enjoy a personal life. You want to delegate specific tasks and improve efficiency. 

Solution: With the Wedge strategy, you bring in more clients quickly and keep your sales pipeline active to generate enough revenue for your business and expand. You also learn how to scale operations and achieve efficiency to achieve more with less. 

  • Problem:

You struggle to be a visionary leader and entrepreneur. You want to establish a healthy work-life balance, motivate your team, and close more deals. 

Solution: The Wedge strategy helps you become a visionary CEO with predictable revenue and strategy yet flexible enough to scale. You'll learn how to achieve a work-life balance and enjoy running your business daily. 

4. Stop Negotiating. Start Closing.

More often than not, you may underestimate the value you bring to your clients. B2B business is a relationship- you provide value, and your client compensates you for the value. True negotiating begins when you can make decisions. You can achieve this by guiding the customer instead of "selling" to them. 

With the Deal Flow Accelerator, you'll learn how to take your prospect through consultative selling. This approach takes the customer through an emotional buying decision. By taking the customer through a sale while keeping their motivations in mind, you have a better chance at satisfying the client and keeping them in the long term. 

How the Deal Flow Accelerator Can Help

We teach you how to be a top revenue earner by turning your salespeople into influencers rather than sales professionals. Instead of closing sales with an exclusive sales-oriented mindset, your sales reps can approach prospects with value provision and rapport-creation. When your sales team knows how to hit the right emotional buttons, they can influence a customer's way of thinking and persuade them to make a buying decision. 

However, at the end of the sales process, the customer feels that they've made an independent decision. This is because your sales team will have the capacity to help the customer envision themselves benefiting from your product and business relationship. 

We also dive further into rapport creation. Because buying decisions are emotional rather than logical, we find it critical to establish a good rapport and grow into a business friendship. What's the common ground between your business and another?

More importantly, we train you on how to close deals in a specific period. Negotiations can drag out and become lengthy if you allow them. You need to set clear deadlines for negotiations, responses, breaks, and meetings to encourage the buyer to make decisions. Think of it as "guiding" the negotiation process and pushing your business relationship forward. 

5. Scale Your Deals 

Are you missing out on revenue because you still have your old deals in the same old terms? If yes, our B2B sales program is for you. We teach you how to develop a new sales process and land more clients with a shorter conversion period and efficiency. The Deal Flow Accelerator also teaches you how to establish your business as an authority. 

Once you've mastered these two tactics, you can scale your deals to make more revenue per client while still retaining them. Unfortunately, most businesses are afraid of scaling business deals because they're scared of pushing clients to the competition. 

However, there are ways to encourage the customer to spend more without losing. For example, you can increase the purchase per deal by offering complementary products. You can also practice up-selling, proposing a larger service package with added value at a higher but affordable price. 

As you scale your deals, we also help you scale business operations. The two processes should accompany each other because non can improve without the other. We explore your sales pitches, systems and technology, sales cycles, staff and management, and hiring processes. 

6. Sit Back and Lead

Now that you've learned the tips and tricks to improve your sales strategy, accelerate deals, improve revenue per client, and motivate your sales team, it's time to consider leading and delegating. It's easy to get caught up in business processes actively and inadvertently. However, as an entrepreneur, it's crucial to step up, provide direction, and delegate tasks to talented individuals. 

With the Deal Flow Accelerator, you learn how to put your mind in the entrepreneur mindset and focus on moving to your next revenue goal while scaling business operations. With an experienced coach by your side, you learn how to stay confident, establish valuable relationships with customers, eliminate ineffective practices, delegate tasks, open your business to new ideas, and learn from past mistakes.

It also teaches you how to create employee-centric management. The goal is to create a team of motivated employees and scale and grow your business in the long run. Satisfied sales employees are also more likely to close more deals. Motivation may come through training, opportunities for growth, collaboration, appreciation, bonuses, and pay that matches an employee's worth and value. 

The sales training gives direct access to what other salespeople are doing – who's closing deals? How do they find a business? What kind of proposals did they use to close those deals? The best executives invest time reading sales case studies, sales emails, and sales meeting notes because they know what other salespeople are doing influences how they close deals.

Not only will you and your team learn the proven strategies, tactics, and frameworks used by the world's most successful companies, but you'll be implementing them in real-time – during the program.

This will allow you to increase your sales, scale your organization and give you back the time you deserve to focus on what's important to you.

Why Should You Choose the Deal Flow Accelerator?

After attending Deal Flow Accelerator, you will be able to generate new leads, new deals, and new business by taking control of your sales process and, in doing so, scale your business and take control of your future. The best B2B sales training program, Deal Flow Accelerator, is designed to deliver tangible results for salespeople and business owners looking to close new deals and scale in real-time.

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So if you are ready to take your business and your sales to new levels, and you're ready to join the best sales training program. Click this link and apply to the upcoming cohort of Deal Flow Accelerator. Or contact us today for more information. 

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