10 B2B Sales Tactics That Get Leads Running to You

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Nov 11, 2021

Tired of feeling like your B2B sales tactics have you chasing prospects in circles?  And, even worse, all that chasing only leads to a failed sales strategy?

If so, then you’re not alone!

But, what if we told you that you could not only stop chasing your prospects, but get them to start chasing you?

The truth is that you really can get prospects running after you!  The key is to fill your sales strategy with the right tactics.

And lucky for you, we are sharing 10 B2B sales tactics that help you reel prospects in and get them chasing after you!  And, no… We’re not sharing the same old inbound content marketing tips.

Not only that, but we’re sharing what makes these tactics so effective and how they keep your sales strategy alive.

No more spinning your wheels and getting absolutely nowhere.  Here are 10 B2B sales tactics that get leads running to you!


Here’s Why Your B2B Sales Strategy Always Falls Through!


Like we already mentioned, the formula for a successful B2B sales strategy comes down to which sales tactics you use.  Plain and simple.

And, the best sales tactics that get prospects running to you can be summed up as being:

  1. Simple
  2. Assertive

In short, if your tactics aren't simple and assertive, then your sales strategy is bound to fail!  More specifically, your tactics will leave you spinning your wheels without getting any prospects to bite. 

First off, don't think for a second that complicated = effective.  In fact, when it comes to sales, it's the opposite that is true!

Because, the more complicated your tactics are, the less control you have over the sales process.  And, lacking control is like asking for things to go directly south.

Second, you must take an assertive sales approach if you want to get your prospect to sign on the dotted line.  If you don't, then they will assert themselves to completely take over the sales process.

And, nothing good ever comes with the prospect being in control.

Therefore, use tactics that assert you as the expert in the situation!  Believe it or not, but the more assertive you are, the more positive experience your prospects will have.

Bottom line: When you use simple and assertive sales tactics, you hold greater control over the sales process.  With control, your sales potential is almost limitless. 

With that being said, each of our 10 tactics below are both simple and take an assertive approach!  If you implement them, then your sales strategy will stop hitting the floor.

Soon enough, your prospects will come running to you instead of you running everywhere after them.


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Simple B2B Sales Tactics That Your Ideal Customers Can’t Resist


Straight-up: Salespeople make the sales process WAY harder than it needs to be!

Instead of sticking to what works - AKA simple sales tactics with an assertive approach - they chase prospects in circles with weak, overcomplicated tactics.

As a result, they end up exhausted and with little to show for it.

But, it doesn't have to be that way!  It’s all a matter of choice.

Start using these 10 simple sales tactics that follow an assertive approach to reel your prospects in and get them chasing after you!


1. Share a Case Study on LinkedIn


Once you've made it through the initial sales call with a qualified lead, the next step is to open up another line of contact through LinkedIn.

But, once you are connected with your potential customer on social media... What do you do next?

It's not enough just to make the connection and then walk away.  Instead, you need to take advantage of the amazing sales and marketing capabilities of LinkedIn!

Specifically, by sharing a case study based on one of your previous B2B customers.

Sharing a case study does two important things:

  1. Provides evidence that your solution works
  2. Creates a sense of FOMO in your leads

First off and most obviously, sharing a case study of one of your happy customers proves that your solution works.

If there is any doubt in your prospect's mind that you aren't capable of doing what you say you can, this will help shatter that doubt!

Second, showcasing that somebody else has taken advantage of your services and benefited from them creates a sense of FOMO in your prospect.

FOMO is also known as the fear of missing out.  It happens when we see others benefiting from something and we don't want to miss out on the benefits as well!

For example, if you were to see a friend of yours on social media out at the greatest new restaurant in town, it would give you a little FOMO.  You’d then go to the restaurant to get rid of that negative feeling.

In the same way, you want your prospects to feel FOMO from seeing your other clients benefiting from working with you.

Get together with your marketing team to put together a case study fit for social media.


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2. Send a Message to the Decision-Maker


Depending on the size of the B2B buyer companies you work with, you may or may not be connected with the company's head decision-maker throughout the sales cycle.

The decision-maker is the person who has the final say in whether or not a purchasing decision gets made.

The larger the B2B company, the less likely you are to be working with the head decision-maker during the sales cycle. 

However, despite the fact that you may not be regularly working with the decision-maker, you should still aim to get connected with them.

By doing so, you add another touchpoint of contact between the prospect company and your sales team, which helps to:

  1. Build relationships between you and your prospect company
  2. Speed up the time it takes to make a buying decision
  3. Make you look like a finely-tuned sales professional

Therefore, take a moment to call the prospect company's head decision-maker yourself.  Offer them a chance to join in on the next sales pitch so that you can show them first-hand how you plan to solve their pain points!


3. Share Your Current Customer’s Social Media Content


Is there anything better than free B2B marketing content?  Probably not!

Perhaps one of your potentially most effective marketing and sales tools is the free content that your current customers post on their LinkedIn accounts.

The next time that one of your client's posts about the positive outcomes that they're experiencing in their company, share that content on your own feed.  Caption the shared content expressing your excitement for the client!

This highly-effective B2B selling tactic does two key things, including:

  1. Boosting likability with your current client to generate referrals
  2. Boosting your likability with prospective customers

First off, doesn’t it feel good to have somebody clap for your successes?  The truth is that we all love being clapped for!

Therefore, clap for your current client by sharing their content and expressing how happy you are for them.  By doing so, you will appear more likable in their books and they will be happy to refer you to potentially new leads.

Not only will you appear more likable in the eyes of your current clients, but also your prospective ones.

They will see that you take joy in your client’s success and want the same for themselves!

All it takes is a couple of seconds to share your prospect's social media content and instantly boost your likability!  The more likable you are, the more likely you are to close deals.


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4. Create a Survey


Want another way to boost your likability with prospective customers?  Send them a survey!

Here's the thing: The more a potential B2B customer likes you, the more likely they'll want to work with you professionally.

And, perhaps one of the best ways to get someone to like you is by asking them, "What do you think?" or "What's your opinion?".

By asking them for their input, they'll feel like you respect them and their opinions.  As a result, they will like you more!

Therefore, send a survey to your B2B prospects during the sales cycle asking them for their inputs.

While you are the expert in solving their problems, it doesn't hurt to say, "What do you think about this?".

In the end, they will value the fact that you value them, and be more likely to close the deal with a 'yes'!


5. Write a Postcard


The write a postcard sales tactic is perfect for when a prospect ghosts you at some point during the selling process.

Ghosting is an instance in which your sales cycle is moving along just fine, when all of a sudden the prospect stops responding to you with little to no explanation.

Not only is ghosting extremely common, but it's also extremely infuriating.  

However, it doesn't need to be the end of your journey with that prospect if you know how to reel them back into your hands.

Here's how to do it: After making several attempts to reach your prospect over the phone, email, and social media, send them one final email... aka the postcard email.

In essence, the postcard email sends the message of... "Wish you were here!  Hope you're doing good!", just as if your friend was to send you a postcard from their beach vacation.

For example, write something like this to your prospect: "I know you're not responding right now, but I just want to let you know that all is well here!  We're currently in the process of helping our other client solve problems similar to yours... We wish you were here for us to help you! But we just want to let you know that our door is always open.  Best of luck!"

Sending this message does a couple of things:

  1. Builds up that sense of FOMO
  2. Creates a sense of urgency

First off, just like how sharing a case study creates a sense of FOMO, so does sending a postcard.

By letting your ghosting prospect know that there are other people out there who are improving while they aren't, it'll make them want to jump back to you!

Also, if you end the postcard with "good luck", it automatically makes the situation more urgent.

When someone reads "good luck" in this context, to them it feels like somebody is saying"you know you're not doing what's best for you, but have fun doing it anyways!".  And, who would ever want to feel something like that?

If you're ever in a situation where you're being ghosted, send your prospect a simple postcard to get them back in your hands.


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6. Send a Selfie


Need an immediate response from one of your prospects, but they're not getting back to you fast enough?

No problem!

If you need one of your B2B business prospects to get back to you ASAP, email them a short message along with a photo of yourself.  Or better yet, send them a text message along with a photo of yourself!

Sending a photo of your face is perhaps the most effective tactic in terms of getting an immediate response from your prospects.


Because, when someone has to look at you in the face, it is hard for them to ignore you.  On the other hand, if they don't have to look you in the face, it's easy for them to say "I'll get back later".

Here's the thing: Technology has made it easy for prospects to ignore you because it creates a barrier between you and them.  That barrier makes it easy for them to ignore you because they don't have to confront you.  

Your job then is to break down that barrier by directly sending them a photo of your face!

In addition to the photo, let the prospect know in your message that you're ready to help them, and looking forward to it soon!

Like we mentioned above, the best B2B sales techniques are the most assertive ones.  And, sending a smiling photo of yourself is almost as assertive as it gets!


7. Send a Video


Wan't a can't-fail sales tactic to help fill your sales pipeline with ideal leads in your target market!

We got you!

When doing your cold email outreach, send your prospects a 1-minute video of yourself explaining how you've identified an issue in their business and know how to solve it!

Just like how writing a postcard creates a sense of urgency in your prospects, so does sending this kind of video!

Because, if you tell someone that you see a problem with their business that they don't even notice, that will sound off a very loud alarm in their head!

It's like this: If you had cake on your face, wouldn't you want someone to urgently tell you?  Wouldn't you want to know that there is a problem so that you save yourself the embarrassment of other people seeing it? 

In the same way, if you had a problem in your business and nobody told you, wouldn't you be embarrassed that other people see the problem and you have no idea that it's there? 

Moreover, sending a quick video to a potential lead is a sure-fire way to get them back in your inbox. 

Also, sending a video of yourself works just like sending a photo of yourself... It's really hard for someone to ignore you when they have to do it to your face!

As a result, you will get your sales funnel filled with your desired prospects in no time.


8. Offer Value for Free


The whole purpose of the B2B sales process, and sales in general, is service.  

More specifically, it's about figuring out what your prospect's pain points are, which of them you are capable of solving, and then serving them valuable solutions in the most effective way possible.

Yet, many B2B sales reps forget this!

Instead of a mindset based on service, their mindset is on, "What's in it for me?".

Because their mindset is on serving themselves rather than their prospects, their actions end up being more about helping themselves!  

And, this is detrimental to sales success.

In short: If you’re focused on yourself instead of your prospects, then you will never serve them and it will be nearly impossible for you to close deals.

The way to flip back to serving prospects is by thinking about how you can add value to their lives!

Because, when you're internally focused on giving them something valuable, it will show externally through your actions.  Then, your prospects will receive that value and reciprocate it by giving you a 'yes'!

Therefore, you and your B2B sales team should offer value to your prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Some simple ways to add free value include:

  1. Offering a sample of your product or trial of your service
  2. Running an analysis on the prospect's company performance
  3. Giving them a small gift

Like we mentioned above, when you give something valuable to someone, they're more likely to give you something valuable back.  In the case of B2B sales, what they give back to you is a closed deal!

No gesture is ever too small!  Offer value to your prospects if you want value yourself.


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9. Connect the Decision-Makers


Not only should you personally connect with the decision-makers at your prospect company, but you should also link up the key stakeholders at your own company with those at the prospect company!

This creates an additional touchpoint of communication between your company and the prospect company to help build trust between the two parties.

Think of it like this: When someone completely opens up their communication doors, you're more likely to see them as trustworthy.  And, trust is essential for establishing solid business-to-business relationships.

Always remember that relationships are at the core of business-to-business sales.

Your B2B prospects will be on the lookout for the kinds of companies that they believe they can form relationships with. 

Therefore, do yourself a favor by writing up a quick email connecting your key decision-maker, whether it be your CEO or sales manager, with the decision-maker at the prospect company!

The more lines of communication… the more trust… the stronger the business relationship.


10. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up


Do you consider yourself a busy person?

If you're like most people these days, your answer is probably 'yes'!

Now, do you think that you're the only person on earth with a full plate?  Realistically, don't you think that the people around you face similar challenges as you, particularly lack of time?

Hopefully your answer is 'yes' because it's the truth!

In fact, in a recent study, more than half of adult Americans cited themselves as feeling 'burnt out'.

Given this startling fact, you need to put yourself in your prospect's shoes... There's a good chance that they're feeling at least somewhat burnt out.  They've got a full plate of meetings, emails, and life to handle, just like you!

Therefore, when a prospect doesn't get back to your initial outreach message, don't immediately assume it as a 'no'.  

Instead, take it as they're just most likely overwhelmed!  They're not ignoring you... they're human.

Therefore, if you believe that you've got a solution that is essential to your prospective customer's success, stick to it!  Just because they don't respond right off the bat does not mean that you need to go back to the lead generation drawing board.  

Instead, follow up with another (or several) cold calls and emails!

Success in sales comes down to consistency and remembering the fact that your prospects are busy people too.  Their silence is not them ignoring you!

Furthermore, simply follow-up with your prospect if you believe that you can be of service to them.  While it may take several tries, it will pay off in the end.


Final Thoughts on How to Easily Get Leads to Come to You


Simple + assertive.  That's what it takes!

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy chasing prospects in circles with overly complicated and weak tactics.  It will only burn you out and make them want to hit you with a big fat ‘no’. 

Instead, keep things easy and direct.  It’s better for you and for the prospects!

Always keep in mind that, if a sales tactic looks complicated, that doesn’t mean that it’s effective!  In the game of sales success, keep things simple and assertive if you want to win.


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